Wangzhuan tactics write blogs easily earn $English

English for some good friends, English blog writing is not difficult, many bloggers will not write another way, Chinese blog, and opened English blog. In fact, it is because of the large number of large advertising alliance in English advertising is higher than the Chinese advertising price, and some even higher than the number of times. Therefore, many have a certain ability to write English bloggers, have opened the English blog. English blog writing and promotion is similar to the Chinese blog, but the advertising revenue can be very different. Write a blog and English could significantly increase the level of our English writing, Why not?.

the first step: to provide English language services blog

For example,

Google BSP services provided by blogger (register address:, after successful registration, you can create a blog, blog is very important in the selection of two level domain name, a good name you can easily remember the blog.

tip: what is BSP

BSP is the abbreviation of Blog Service Provider, translated into Chinese is the meaning of the blog service provider. Including Sina, Baidu space blog belongs to BSP, but in fact most Chinese BSP not only provides a blog hosting service, has gone beyond the concept of pure blog service, not only provide blog service to their users, but also more extensive readers provide content, and for most blogging users, is also happy to see her the article get more promotion opportunities, their views can affect more people.



provides foreign BSP services blogger website



with Google translation to write English blog

second step: choose a good theme

is the best choice of westerners are more enthusiastic topic. After choosing the subject matter, if the English level is better, it is recommended to publish their original articles. If English writing ability is not strong, can also find can be reproduced in the online article, it can use Google translation tools to complete the blog content increased, but note that articles relevant to the content and blog theme. Looking for English articles on the English version of Google Google, what is the theme of the search can be related to the theme, see more satisfactory can be reproduced. But at the same time the need to pay attention to copyright issues, if there is a statement can not be reproduced articles, it must abide by.

third step: keep update

bubble game network ( that the article every day to maintain at least one update, this