To introduce a slightly more than foreign GG advertising alliance

Kontera is a text advertising, the advertising alliance that does not affect the web interface, but also can bring a lot of money income, really good

Kontera is more than Adsense, a coalition of income. The alliance to join the requirements are relatively high, requiring a month to show the amount of more than 300 thousand. Of course, this is the estimated value, may be calculated according to your web page ranking or other values, generally only accept English site.

was also holding the attitude to try to apply for, actually gave me through, and recently returned to my e-mail, I have to upgrade to senior members, income and on a step. To be honest, the company’s customer service is really good, often one to one service, and e-mail reply in a timely manner, much better than google. (probably Google workload is too big, always use automatic reply)

payment can be used PayPal, can also be used to check. After $one hundred, you will be asked to fax or scan a statement of your income tax. Generally use a scan to send them an e-mail on the line

you earn enough to pay the standard, they will send an electronic version of the contract to you by mail, you put the contract down, and then to complete, print shop to print out, and then use the fax or send them over the camera.

ContentLink for text chain advertising, here should be as wide Kontera text links using


Kontera ContentLink takes about a week to learn about your site and optimize it. When I first placed ContentLink in this Blog, it was only 91 cents eCPM. Now it’s more than $3, or eCPM, which is the cost of a thousand pages per page. If you put ads on display 2000 times, earning $5, then eCPM is $5/2, or $2.5. In order to optimize the Kontera time, you can do other work to maximize your income. This is a common technique.

best to limit the Kontera ContentLink in the text. Top, side block, bottom, etc. should not be highlighted. You can control the contents of the Kontera crawler read by the following div table. Class=" KonaFilter" > you want Kontera to consider placing Content in place

you can edit the site template, respectively, at the beginning of the article and the end of the Div. This ensures that Kontera ContentLink stays where it should be — in your Blog content