Teach you to send a small flow of webmaster still make money

webmaster in the competition and survival pressure is very big today, how to rely on the site to make money? According to CHINAZ survey shows that 60% Adsense advertising alliance to make money, but the flow is the foundation, if there is no traffic, you can not make money? No, the key depends on the type of your site, if you are the original content of the site, and the type of Internet is not flooding, then your site must be able to make money! A lot of friends to do stand, why can finally make money? And want to make money, but not necessarily make money? In fact, because of the station to do the work of a friend interested in the content of the site, and the last person who want to make money, then focus on promotion, but failed to retain the user! Or confirms the truth of the content is king. So, but your site in the early days, how to adhere to and develop it? In fact, the best way is to increase some profit model, the site has income, even if it is 1 yuan, will make you go on! With income, you might do better!

revenue come from? General sites are on the alliance, entertainment sites can rely on advertising, relying on SP. But such a site is not all the site is suitable, in fact, some time to look at the efficiency of advertising. Pay per click advertising, not necessarily suitable for small traffic sites. Monthly advertising is not much chance, this time, we choose the best effect of advertising, for example you help merchants to sell a product, the Commission of 20%, if the products are expensive, so your commission is quite objective, even if a user is successful, can also be divided to many commissions. In this way, less traffic can still have a good income, the key is to do for your website to promote the product. Again, that is, some of the joint operation of the game platform, according to recharge get commission, personally believe that it is also more suitable for small traffic sites.

author in the advertising alliance evaluation network http://s.lianmeng.la find some advertising alliance recommended to everyone:

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must remind you that we must pay attention to how to look at the choice of word-of-mouth advertising alliance advertising alliance, can "union http://s.lianmeng.la " look, there are hundreds of advertising on the station, covering almost all the National League, with evaluation of the all union many webmaster, you must believe will find the appropriate advertising alliance. To remind you, it is best not to cheat on advertising, it is not a long-term strategy.