Summary of personal blog to make money in two ways

personal blog with the passage of time, fewer people write, because there is no profit, we do not like Xu and KESO kind of celebrity blog, many people give up blog will resemblewith the wind into a new project, in the end still did not make money, but oneself are very tired, there is quiet on the network. How to make money on our own personal blog today, itbruce share with you two points:

first, topic advertising.

1, is to do a good domestic FEEDSKY. In the 07-09 years of doing quite well, in recent years the topic of advertising is not too much, we need immediate attention, because the official topic cost is limited, once the total cost is not, you are not eligible for advertising. Specific registration is very simple, as long as the registered user submitted to the blog, and then verify the ownership of the blog. The next step is to apply for the verification certificate of advertising fees, that is to give you the topic of blog advertising pricing, the price of my blog is a 80, this price is based on your blog PR and included and originality to set.

2, that is, foreign linkworth, advertising model is also more, with more links to the sale and BLOGPOST, which is the topic of advertising, you can own pricing. You can also apply for advertising, and then wait for the other party to agree to write. Linkworth platform about 30% of fees charged. From the experience of itbruce, the link is not easy to sell, especially Chinese blog, it is best to have a high degree of English blog and originality while PR can be higher. After all, is the English platform, so the English website to join the advertising alliance is a good choice for Chinese advertising, there are not too many.

second, link appropriate for sale.

back to the beginning of 2006, my first blog PR7, when the site is not hot enough, perhaps a lot of people low-key. Personal blog is also very little, as their amateur love fun. One day a person with my QQ, said can sponsor my QQ, as long as my blog links to his site a link on it. I wonder, then from the foreign Adsense website to see a sell link plate, the original link can also be sold for money. So in recent years, we can see that regardless of the size of the site, according to the level of PR to get the main channel of profit.

from the early PR4 can sell 50 yuan, up to now PR4 as long as $10, you can see the people of the link market has been quite hot, the competition is quite fierce. Many companies have set up a special link department, link industry and the black link industry is crazy, if you are a personal webmaster, if you are a personal blog, links can be used as one of your profit channels. If we have enough of the blog PR, there is enough snapshot updates and included, so you can sell a good price.

how do we do


we want to sell our blog chain