Micro business entrepreneurship documentary — a woman’s entrepreneurial path

my micro business road

Jane pharmacy toothpaste national total Liu Liwei signal: 18863562566

has always been to do this piece of the Internet, did not open the Taobao store, I regret it, but now the micro era, I think the opportunity has come.

half a year ago, when playing WeChat always find a lot of things to sell information, and sometimes go into the point of view, there is also the need to buy their own, the first to buy cosmetics in Thailand. Have a chat with friends, he said to do micro business, own a month to earn a few thousand dollars, and then chat with a net friend, she in a month in five, the six digit, I counted six digits to 100000 feel they are too powerful, really envy you. Think of me at that time, every day to go to work, but also busy work, but also to manage children. Quite tired. Earn a few thousand dollars a month. But also mortgage, coupled with the cost of children, is simply the moonlight clan.

was a bit of a shock to me this time. I don’t think I can miss the dealer this time. In March this year after a friend introduced the Jane pharmacy toothpaste, feel this is a FMCG, and direct contact with the manufacturers, the price is not high, not everyone, a huge crowd.

slowly I began to start a Jane pharmacy toothpaste, do a half a year, with dozens of agents, income, but also from the original thousands to tens of thousands.. Slowly increase. This is not a long time in the past six months, but I learned a lot, more importantly, there are dozens of agents small partners, along the way, thanks to their support and trust.

one of the agents follow me to do, just bought a house, ready to get married in October. I’m glad!


began to do not know so much bleeding gums, this toothpaste is for bleeding gums developed… We are a little toothpaste can do this now, in fact, we just put the user experience first, let us buy a try, after use feel good effect to us agent. And we also do not refund this point. So the user is very reassuring.

, in fact, we feel that the micro business can be able to do a good job, really comfortable, I want to tell you, if you want to succeed, do anything to adhere to, to adhere to the end, never give up.

I summed up the points, do business, to choose the first home, have a good team, can learn a lot of things. Followed by the choice of good products, good products, in order to get everyone’s recognition.