SEO entrepreneurship entrepreneurial road (three) is how to talk about the business before the ventu

had written "SEO road" and "bitter entrepreneurial SEO entrepreneurial road two" were mentioned my bitterness is a step by step how to decide to start a business venture, how to do after the early, and early start problems. Today, we talk about how we talk about business in the early stages of entrepreneurship.


: because my friend before it alone so he his hand is part of the customer. And I started with him after the hands of his customers naturally become the company’s customers. We were about to start a business when I was working in the original company when my friend just talked about a client. I’m going to visit our company. I remember taking a long vacation. Because I will give a "natural" website to the customer to prick, so the website to find a lot of unreasonable places. They listened and thought I was right. We have come to an agreement that their company’s list is initially determined by us. At noon that day, or customers invited us to dinner. It’s not easy to start a business. Finally, the customer asked us to sort out a set of programs and then a few days to further discuss their company. I went off to work again.

according to the customer site I wrote a website to modify the program out. You can look at the program I was writing. A few days later I went to the client with my friend. We listed 34 key words according to the customer’s needs. Finally, because some key customers do not need to determine the key words to be 12. The final offer is 24 thousand. We should be in accordance with the prior advance to charge twenty percent but customers feel that we are a new company so not assured payment just give us ten percent, then we’ll agree. Site payment is a specific website to pay ten percent. Two months after the optimization of the key words to pay the six up to twenty percent. Four months to optimize all keywords to pay up to thirty percent. All keywords stable three months to pay the twenty percent, all keywords stable for the remaining $six to pay for the remaining twenty percent.

remember that there was a client agent. How did he get here?. This is our company just prepare registration consulting to this house, later discovered that this company to do a website, we just do the construction business so we reached him to help us registered company, we help them to do a website to exchange. But in the end because of a problem we find other companies registered. Finally, we get the site. The client is not far from our company.

another client was introduced by a friend who taught Taobao. Hefei is the local word. Not difficult. When I said I could do it. My partner looked at the site and said the site was K. I refuted him at that time. I said no K, normal. So this list will become. This list is by the month, pay two months deposit. It turned out that the site was indeed K. The site’s data are as follows: the site included two, the chain is normal, normal included. There is no ranking. Press >