Ensure that the new easy to earn more than 500 months

      in addition to the first method, basically only 20 minutes per day below the maintenance time. I personally 5 stations, all maintenance time add up to half an hour a day, the monthly income is basically a few thousand.

      most of the novice began to buy space, they think the space to a few G, in fact, the novice station, in fact, 1G is enough. A lot of webmaster space usage is not more than 1G, of course, is not absolute, a few G space has a few G space do stand method, the following will be mentioned.

      the back to the topic, profitable websites classification

      1, that is, the characteristics of the station to do this, you need to be able to stand on the other side of the unexpected, or in a single field to do more specialized. But the latter requires more time, perhaps the time on the novice is not much, so, it is necessary to make the site do not respect others, now many Webmaster Station are piled to the movies, music there, actually you can change an angle to think about these things, although the hot door, but the number is much, to you the station probability is low, as do those new content of the station, my friend on a wedding day IP station can reach 1W IP, and he updated daily time in 15 minutes, for example, take the old site to say, the original hao123 is famous all over the world, the A lot of people to follow suit, the success of the few, why? Almost no difference with the hao123, there are hao123 to go to your station. But some people’s Web site can be very good? Why? He made a free movie website, this website, there is also a movie download address search engine. The station provides a lot of information about the film, and made the alliance form, you can join the webmaster, the film information search box added to his station. As a result of the realization of the double surplus, the difference between operating. Open women’s website, not all. What content to point, to focus, such as clothing, etc..

      2, that is, those movies, music sites, but these are focused on promotion. (most of these stations are easy to be sealed by search engine, so don’t need to specially optimized, the name of the movie when the title is good, so their promotion of the station is very important, the main method used to have a prawn written very clearly, forum, BLOG, etc.). Movie site to provide the first film is smooth, should not be a clear, low bit rate good, no helix security in the play page, you can directly open, take full advantage of the Web2.0 interpersonal characteristics.

      3, the image of the station, the space is small with the collection (image Pirates), a large space directly to the local, it is not possible to use small