The network of public relations companies to delete posts out every single business practices on the

recently, the main Bo conducted a survey on the "network" network delete delete "found" also known as the network of public relations, some people have become a way of earning money. One of the companies took only one week to remove the negative news from the client’s main website. They charge a single business up to more than ten thousand yuan. Their practices, it will not use magic: advertising or other means, to publish reports of the media themselves to the website proposed deletion request.

related advertising will appear in the search results of the first few.

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network company every single business million

Jiahua Sheng is an information company, starting from the second half of 2008 in the "network delete this work. It is the introduction of the ad: quickly delete the negative information and news network; quickly delete the Baidu snapshot.

, the company responsible person Mr. Liu, has been engaged in this business from the company, the weekly average of two single business, every single business volume in the yuan, benefit far more than simply do information much better. Right now, Mr. Liu is planning to increase the scale of personnel.

Liu introduced to the owners of the company has just completed a single business.

recently, the field of a tourist attraction due to the quality of service by the media exposure, and was reproduced by a number of sites. In order to eliminate the negative report on the net, they found a total of kaiwah sheng.

The results of

, a total of kaiwah Sheng company only for a week, there will be negative reports about the attractions from several major web sites to delete.

A man called

Baolong advertising company early last year has opened up a professional delete business.

the person in charge of the company, Ms. Lee, they delete the business is very good, the beginning of this year has now received seven or eight single business, the amount of business reached $about 200000. They plan to abandon the advertising business, the company into a professional to delete the company.

on the Internet, bloggers also retrieved a number of professional delete personal advertising.

, one of Mr. Cui behind many thread calling post, say oneself can delete these bad posts, for the parties to lift the trouble.

blogger and get in touch with Mr. Cui, he introduced himself is a website of the network management, the network is very familiar with, the best is to delete the curse.

each post charges 100 yuan a day to delete

recently, located at a toll station near Baoding due to charges, a female staff member by individual users of abuse.

in this curse Posts appear on the Internet at the same time, the professional deletion of the advertising post also appeared. Bloggers chose a professional delete company was contacted.

the blogger claims to be a toll station