Small webmaster tears sad history

after being laid off, determined to return to the Internet, I was laid off, so simply, there is no sign of a point ahead of time, what should I do, working in Russia for three years, manager of a face not to say me open, so I lost my job. Before I go to Russia, is a website, not what is known, but enough of their own lives, I know the small owners the most troublesome thing is the original update, so create a soft blue ocean alliance, is in order to help webmasters solve the original problem, of course, this mission is too big, too unrealistic. At least I can’t do it alone. But at least I see a lot of webmaster, through the soft Wen marketing, successful sales of their products, which is more firm, and I have confidence in the soft site.

record storm


website is the initial filing material preparation is not striking one snag after another, not a complete picture, is not, is the most hateful to me all the information to verify the correct time, the record did not come down, it was really so terribel! Psychology is also very worried, afraid to get down, delay the plan. The record is normal for a month, and I have waited for 45 days, so there is a record to the other side of the phone, the phone hit the past, the effect is really obvious, less than an hour, the phone prompts the site through the record. Don’t know how long it will be until you make a phone call.


encountered problems

I began to choose a program for the

website on the same day, choose some professional programs, or blog program is good, I tangled for a long time, finally chose Z-blog, because it is simple, easy to use, more close to the people some. When you see the big blue ocean soft text union these seven words, I seem to see the sea, the future is so beautiful. Blue ocean can be said. Of course, this is all my own imagination and vision. But I’m worried again. Because I am not what a professional writer, who is not what Chinese. If the site is not good, I’m sorry audience. Hey hey

adhere to the reasons

that makes me very upset, I began to doubt my ability, but the thought I’ve put all the energy into the ocean’s body, I have no choice, no job, do website is not good, will starve to death, I think the record in the waiting, the thought of their own future, I want a good, you have been holding on, I began to force yourself to go, so I started a soft writing career.

so in September 14, 2012 "blue ocean" website was born finally this article was published, it was a new start, I was really out of the first step, I suddenly felt the importance of the first step. I have been reading books to learn and practice writing, but also to be able to have more and more readers and good website ranking, I continued to write original articles, I began to fear sometimes, every morning, the first original articles, for no write >