On some Wangzhuan feelings since

today, my heart suddenly blocked some panic, thought he had just started building that will……


along the way, not a spot of words can be said clearly. To walk the road of formal Wangzhuan, October in the 08 year, the net profit first built day. No flow site offline, they do not have technology, do not understand SEO optimization. Some novice may not imagine how I get up every little bit Wangzhuan flow, every day with a dozen Wangzhuan forum, crazy post top stick to publicize their site. One is 4 hours. Every day, persist for about forty days. Flow can not go up. Some referrals click on the station he looked all the sad, most people are only about 20. This is his daily 4 hours post


can’t go this way, finally only a dead end. So began to learn some knowledge of Web site optimization, look at a lot of data, A5, behind the scenes, the station is my place to visit. Time and again in the past more than a month. At the same time, try to optimize the day to earn net, starting from the free Wangzhuan, best performance is Baidu third. Too little traffic, only by this a key day can only bring dozens of IP, because the free Wangzhuan index only about two hundred.

to do it or not, so think, a good word competition too much, it is better to optimize the long tail word, although little traffic, but if I insist to write 1000 articles original, each brought to 2 IP, which is 2000 IP. Then open their own blog, cited traffic, because the optimization of the blog relative to the site more simple, high weight.

in this way, the day to earn network traffic from the initial tens to hundreds to thousands. Today, although a little achievement, I know it can not do without the support of friends. Every day I go abroad to find good projects in the forum, update it in time. So you can grab the opportunity to stand on the search engine, friends to search for new projects, it is easy to find days to earn nets.

can be said, so in Wangzhuan group, day to earn net group is the most active, because I always make friends and chat for more than six or seven hours, and then guide the novice make friends. Although tired, but I know a lot of friends, of course, also met a few beautiful MM. And friends are always very happy to chat. In their eyes, I may be regarded as a successful webmaster, but I know that their success is still one hundred and eight thousand miles away.

may, after today I will continue to work hard, everyone feel lonely when, but it will pass. Here I hope every walk the road Wangzhuan friends, are able to adhere to. Do Wangzhuan, not only by the enthusiasm can do, because you can not every day with your passion and enthusiasm, the time will be less and less, only mechanical to do things every day.

give yourself a little faith. Believe in yourself every day to have a new progress, to treat Wangzhuan with a common heart.

said a lot of wordy words, make friends laughed at the day to earn net Wangzhuan Forum (ww>