Taobao customers how to choose the business to ensure long-term stability Commission

Taobao off the appearance of the business is indeed a very good promotion channels. From the point of view of Taobao shop, the cost of opening a car with the cost of the difference between Taobao and Taobao is very large, if you can make a reasonable use of publicity, the benefits brought to the shop is not small. Taobao as a guest of the webmaster, is facing a problem, how to choose these stores publicity, how to find those who are willing to long-term investment Taobao off, but also know how to operate the shopkeeper. Don’t just use the Commission as the first factor. Long term stable commission income is what you should consider.

today to share with you how to choose Taobao customers to promote your goods and shops.

1 to see sales, avoid extreme

is the embodiment of the store sales hot, also saw Taobao customer data, a lot of single brightmoon sales in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, this kind of goods are weight loss, breast enhancement, such as acne. Such goods Taobao customers desire to promote is also very strong, the store will continue to carry out Taobao passenger. But do such competitiveness as can be imagined, a single product, need to spend a lot of time to maintain, The loss outweighs the gain. Secondly, many new stores will be used to attract a high commission Taobao customers, and very few of these shops sales, most of them can not adhere to.

2 shops have no guest

shop is not careful to do Taobao guest, you can visit from a number of aspects, the store is one of its activities. Taobao customers do not have to earn a profit from commissions, many shops often organize some Taobao guest activities. For example, to send gifts iPhone, the game get bonus. If you are a full-time Taobao, do not miss these opportunities. At the same time to participate in activities, but also to look at the previous activities of the store, but also from the side of the shop’s reputation.

3 Commission notice, do not look at half points than


Taobao customers home shop recommended, you can often see a similar Commission ratio. 40%, it can be regarded as a very high Taobao guest. But take a look at its price, creative gift shop, each thing only 10-30 dollars. And some commodities, such as electrical appliances, priced at more than 1000 yuan, the proportion of the Commission of 10%, you can get a single profit of more than $100. We should also pay attention to the choice of goods, a comprehensive consideration of the Commission’s profit margin.

4 store is ready for Taobao customers enough material

Taobao customer promotion involves all aspects of the network. We can not all of their own things, a lot of things, seriously do Taobao guest shops will take into account. The key is your promotional materials, advertising, BBS signature, soft text, etc.. If these shops are ready, and regularly update the material, then the promotion of the role of Taobao’s largest customer, Taobao customers can improve efficiency, is a win-win situation. In the selection of shops, often look at the store Taobao guest policy, see >