92% SEO workers are so optimized moon cake buy Network

Xiaobian as a SEO workers, the seasonal products, not years of optimization. This project is a long story, precisely because friends began to let small operation from last year, but just try to hold a common heart, because it is not a boom in group purchase at the time, two is when the small series is just the pursuit of a website ranking, which is also called the most simple SEO. Here, Xiaobian want to remind you, if you are new to SEO, you can use the most simple method SEO to accumulate resources and experience, but if you do have SEO a year, two years or more, you should do is Jiangmen moon group purchase network for users experience rather than ranking. Like a junior salesman, the customer to sell their products, the most thought is the bottom line of the product price, the vision has been stuck in the price of the product, and finally into a dead end. But a senior sales manager, he will forget the product cost to the customer, after the purchase of our products from customers will get what benefits of personal field for customers to consider, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, with a goal, but with the way of thinking of the different methods, thus the rate of return is also different.

In fact,

SEO is the same, when a small head into the keyword ranking is not outdated, small can back to calm down, do the most basic user experience? One day in the shout "Baidu algorithm change left?", "small to engage in Britain by Baidu!", but think about it, Baidu no matter how changes are suitable for user experience. If a user searches for a product in Baidu, the top of the site is not complete information, advertising all over the web, pop everywhere, the user is not to spit on Baidu? So, when coincides with the starting point of small starting point and Baidu, Xiaobian to do the natural ranking front small, can’t say good ranking site user experience is very good, but I am confident that the user experience good site, the ranking is not bad. The boss asked small delicious moon cakes in the optimization of Hongkong million employees of Jiangmen moon cake Group purchase website, optimize the team small series in a short time to do this keyword, do the home page, what is the internet.

small series has been followed by a truth: from inaction to promising, which is also a small series often in their own SEO exchange group to promote a thought. Small sometimes can not be too paranoid to a point, to find a breakthrough of divergent thinking, from another angle, in fact to the user experience does not seem like every day outside the chain, trying to keyword density, weight do Kung Fu, but essentially small to reach the final goal is the same. As a small operation now Jiangmen network group purchase moon cake, first small in simple ranking do some work, but for now, those small series, very little effect, then do the small focus station, how to facilitate users to search for products they want to understand God, did not consider ranking, but this the station has been ranked seemingly is good. Logical, every period can produce a group purchase moon cake.