Also talk about advertising text Wangzhuan positioning

webmaster year after year, especially this year. May also be due to the CN domain name cabbage price led to the new year this year, China has become the largest year. How efficient Wangzhuan became the webmaster required regular courses.

today I say to you is not how to locate a website, but how to locate the ads, how to better allow users to click on your own ads so that you get the maximum profit value.

a lot of Adsense hanging ads have a common problem, no matter what advertising as long as the advertising is hanging up. But have you ever thought of, is also a bit of advertising to make the advertisement more money? (pop and background advertising code will not say. Everyone knows it is very simple – advertising positioning.

exactly how to advertising positioning advertising positioning refers to what

?In fact,

advertising positioning I said only one word I like, I don’t know whether there has been on the network. My so-called advertising positioning is: a suitable for their own site advertising. I believe that the vast majority of friends hanging advertising with their site content is not consistent, in fact a more fitting content with their advertising can bring greater benefits to their own, let’s say the site: This is done by the novel, then if you can imagine the kind of cosmetics hanging cosmetics, and can not cause the number of users to click on the real, because the content of the ad and the location of your site does not meet. If I hang a novel related to the ad, at least, can not match the contents of certain categories of advertising is not more than 1/2. As a result, the advertising authenticity is also high, it is not easy to run by K, in addition to the amount of users, such Why not?


this is just a little bit of my little experience, I hope to be able to help the webmaster.

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