The history of the most shameless bad account of the advertising alliance Ali mother

I have always thought that Ali mother is a more honest advertising alliance, after all, is the name of Ali’s father, will not be blocked account. Previously in the forum and QQ group saw a friend complained that his account was closed, I thought it was their own site problems. But today, I found that I was wrong, Ali mother began to deteriorate, they will be free to close the user account, no matter how you explain it.

Because of the recent

ranking fell badly, looking for reasons, see online advertising will affect the mother said it included Baidu and website ranking, which is likely to be K, then combined with the actual situation of their site analysis, if there are so little reason to know before I site key word ranking is very high, the average there are also tens of thousands of IP days.

really is mom’s problem? I think, so I put one of the sites, is also my mother all ads removed, just as the cause of this is website ranking drop.

this morning, a QQ received a message from his mother:


was at a glance, mother removed advertising caused abnormal data. Go into the background for deblocking, roughly content said they are not cheating, because remove ads caused by abnormal data, and soon received a reply:


this sentence would you wait 2 months, mother contact customer service, no matter how you are of no use to explain, in a word, can not be closed, abnormal data, etc. after a month to apply for



I finally understand, as long as you take numb advertising, basically will seal your account, and certainly not just absolutely, in most cases, now give up mom, this alliance doing nothing, why in a small tree and hanged it · I think mother this will lose more in the webmaster! webmaster feeds.