2013BAT five and 2014 hard entrepreneurial opportunities

just past 2013, the Internet is dramatically in a year, can be said to be the first year of overall development of the mobile Internet, PC Internet, traditional media is crying cry decline of the year, but also the Internet giant enclosure movement is the most violent year.

A review of the

2013, the Internet Co competition is fierce, BAT big three oligopoly situation seems to be more stable, but from their main business BAT, PC era of the Internet to the mobile Internet era has strong confrontation situation, especially in AQ mobile for war. From the giant’s big moves, we can more clearly observe the trend of the domestic internet.

This paper attempts to

the 2013 inventory big big action, from prying 2014 new trends, and speculation 2014 entrepreneurial new opportunities for such a big proposition, inevitably omissions and consternation. Welcome the statements of a school master.

a, mobile Internet

there is no doubt that mobile is the key word of the 2013 Internet, but this proposition is too large, only a brief description of the product from the giant’s core mobile. Overall, the giant PC core business successfully transferred to the mobile terminal, and extends a number of new opportunities.

1, mobile social – WeChat. As the first ticket, WeChat now has 600 million users, in the application of treasure, news, payment, electricity providers, mobile phone housekeeper, Mobile Games together, become a super APP, or "the ark".

2014, with the development of 4G, WeChat and the contradiction between the operators will be weakened, the international market will get the support of the war, a bright future. Because of IM products "winner takes all" rules, contacts, m chat, unfamiliar street are marginalized.

in fact, Tencent advantage in mobile application more than WeChat, from the "2013 China Mobile Internet Statistics Report" can see active mobile application users in the top ten, the Tencent’s products accounted for half.

2, mobile search – Baidu mobile. Baidu calls the wolf after product launch speed and momentum significantly enhance the feeling of public relations. Baidu Q1 single season R & D crazy hit $130 million, after the phone Baidu’s voice search did improve a lot, by the end of 13, Baidu announced that mobile phone users over 400 million.

search, both 360 Sogou failure, the impact of Baidu hopeless, Tencent into the capital Sogou, can only be ranked in third, Baidu dominance. Other entrants more.

3, LBS – Baidu map platform molding. Baidu mobile phone map also found a new opportunity to expand around the LBS buy, hotels, restaurants, playing, booking and other functions, has become a big platform for life, but also sticky.

overall, 2013, Baidu search, focus on the layout of LBS, application distribution, video four areas, the "million level club members include: Baidu mobile phone browser, Baidu video, Baidu cloud, desktop, > 91