Change Taobao guest station model easy to earn thousands of dollars

you know, June 5th is a black Saturday for the majority of customers Taobao webmaster friends, Baidu has taken measures to Taobao K station guest website, almost all goods page is Baidu K Baidu Taobao light! No longer pay attention to guest website, the guest website there is a way to do Taobao


or according to the original construction model: download a free Taobao API off site source to do some promotion after let Baidu included and bring traffic, the answer is negative, is certainly dead! But if the change of thinking, maybe have a bright sky


I do Taobao off it for a long time, also met a lot of customers do Taobao webmaster, I know a Taobao guest, he has about 2000 of the income each month, although not very high, but for those of us rookie webmaster even if good. He does not rely on the sale of these products to promote the acquisition of Taobao, and mainly by selling Ali’s mother’s billing advertising. He made the site is a combination of shopping information and API site, API to bring him traffic, information to help him sell advertising! Think about it, he’s such a site model is indeed very good, the income has a double guarantee!

in view of this, I thought of a good site model is as follows:

1, the main direction for the development of information websites, such as women’s attention, clothing category, beauty makeup class website.

2, the information type articles inserted in various types of Taobao customers goods advertising, homemade content similar to a GG ad.

3, the sale of Ali’s mother billing ad.

4, Baidu will be included if Taobao off site, according to site type, select the appropriate category of Taobao API promotion, in order to increase the amount collected and the flow of


mentioned above, according to the content of the page to match the Taobao product advertising, it can be said that according to the keywords in the page to match Taobao goods, the use of technology or API interface. The benefits of doing so is to simply add the ad code in the template, can be automatically matched to the Taobao products, and the promotion of goods will not link failure, eliminating a lot of added Taobao goods time! I had a station (Taobao clothing city) has been working on this, you are free to see this plug-in effect renderings are as follows:



below to provide a look at the code of this plugin, so that we can study the following code to save the file for the suffix.Html double click to see the effect. Consult QQ:1296438146 (evening)

below for the reference:

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