Secret alliance insider

union buckle quantity is fundamental.

we take the Union message, before saying, to understand a basic problem, mobile, SP, alliance, webmaster, service provider, is the literal translation service providers in different industries of different service providers in the industry, all known as SP is mobile and China Unicom SMS cooperation partner, send text messages such as TV often said to the 106699999999 channel number is SP, how was born in here do not introduced. The league is just a middle marketers from customers with products through the SP channel, product marketing to SMS and MMS way. Adsense from the alliance where advertising promotion, from which to obtain a certain profit sharing. (a bit long winded, but found that some owners do not know, you know when the crap)

well, when it comes to buckle, is actually very simple, according to an example is very clear, a cup, cost 6 wool, manufacturers to wholesalers price is 9 wool, wholesalers to the supermarket when is a 5 by 1 blocks to the supermarket, put a price tag, that is a 2. Obviously, everyone from the money, why he would not have said it, now is not a communist society, we all understand this.

and then we say the amount of money, found on the road there is a vendor selling cups, with the supermarket as long as 2 cups of a 1, which has the amount of deduction problem. We get 5 cents from it, and you get the 6.

is now the industry gradually clear, now is a general deduction fee of 2 yuan, the normal SP and the alliance has basic standard, 2 yuan to the owners of 1 yuan, can be considered, intermediate, SP, mobile alliance will be part of the profits, the problem is that some non-standard SP and union buckle the number of users, had sent 3 messages, they give a webmaster only deduct, into a money. This is actually a lot of people often say the amount of deduction.

these are just on the one hand, a lot of quantity, all links are likely to buckle, the problem will be getting better and better with the norms of the industry, but can not be completely avoided, under the attention of millions of people will have to hand in the stock market operation not to mention here.

said here, we conclude that the amount should be deducted from the Union and SP in the profits after deducting the profits obtained by other means or through other channels. Deduction is not illegal, not illegal, but people feel very uncomfortable. In fact, as long as the eyes to choose a good alliance, the amount of the word will soon disappear, in this recommendation youDay alliance.

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