How long to be a successful webmaster

graduated from the University for more than a year, when love website, but I have never done their own personal station, always so obsessed with the program. Hope to study hard to find a good job after graduation, but more than a year of work, and now understand. It is so difficult for me to survive in this restless society, I chose to be a personal station, go to the internet.

graduated from now I have been in a network company to do procedures, pay little, remove the rent and living expenses, moon. Almost no surplus, remember last year to go home. The body is less than 1000, otherwise I don’t mind shabby, hard to school is now back in the new year this? I made my personal station of a colleague in a crowd, the intermediate code station, met a alumni, can earn $10 a day, so my heart surging, start the first station, and most of the owners to stay up late, Baidu search, all website promotion methods, the first is Baidu included, was first included in GG makes me happy can’t sleep sleep at night, but joy after is depressed, every day to 100IP to two months. I really lost my confidence, is my personal webmaster road destined to fail?

made a webmaster friends very well, he told me that he was now the site a day income of more than and 100, because we still have a good relationship, I begged his promise told me to engage in traffic, but not a search engine, I paid 100 dollars, but now I know why he only charged me 100 block. Because my station only lasted less than a month’s traffic, but this month I traffic soaring, I was doing the movie station, hang a certain alliance, do is network advertisement, website daily IP are on the rise, 10002000, the peak time to the 8000IP Alliance on income from 20 pieces every day to day 200 peak time. I also hang their GG advertising, said the movie station can not do GG, but I hold it is not to make money, not by the idea of K has placed a small GG module in the above, every day there are hundreds of hits. But the price of the poor, but every day there are $10 revenue, the end of the month to nearly 300, the settlement day, I received their first GG fee, now there are more than and 100 knife inside to wait this month can not adhere to the method of settlement, he taught me every day, but this is not long, a month after the method doesn’t work, my income is almost zero, experienced change radically, I do not know what taste, let me know the network can really make money, let me understand what is a long way, only have to pay hard, so I decided to start from the new start, do a qualified webmaster, I will stick to that day to believe they can succeed. Hope the webmaster honest do stand, but if you have your own way to earn money better, no matter how to do is to pay the effort.

the new station, do it all in the hope that this will be true