deas determine the way out share my views on Taobao four

do SEO have a few years of time, the beginning has been focusing on industry website and the enterprise website SEO, then gradually transition to Taobao, and after six months of development, more and more customers found that Taobao is a pending development of gold mine. The inside of the market is too large, involving all aspects of the daily industry, if we are familiar with Taobao customers, then the income will be very rich. Even if the competition is very intense, but there must be some industries can be extended, the use of the long tail theory, to find a niche market, I think this is the future of the new direction to do Taobao.

Taobao can be called a lake, you can not say that you can not buy, only you can not think of. It covers all aspects of the traditional industry, the formation of a female dress as the main body, involving dozens of major industries tens of thousands of small segments of the industry. So for the webmaster, this is our chance. Today, we talk about the main Taobao and the long tail of the theory of the combination of ideas, but also welcome you to correct me.

Taobao guest still promising

do I often tell myself off Taobao word, do not be afraid of competition, not afraid of competition. There is competition on the market, for us is a good signal. As for the competitive market, how do we go to sell, this is another matter, may involve technology and strategy. For example, women’s shoes, weight loss, breast enhancement, these are popular, the market is very hot, but every day there are still a large number of webmaster to do these words. And some of them are well paid. So, first of all, do not be afraid, to have confidence, many webmasters are also very confident that Taobao customers, but every time I heard the fierce competition, it may give up, it is a pity.

must understand several techniques

Taobao customers need to understand the technology there are a number of necessary, that is, the basic SEO technology, acquisition technology, pseudo original, PHP technology, blog technology, etc.. Why do I emphasize these things, because Taobao needs to do bulk operation, rather than purely manual single operation. We can imagine that if you optimize a super long tail word, then the time and resources needed to be a lot, in addition, the risk is also great. So need to optimize a lot of websites, rely on quantity to win. Therefore, the pure manual update is almost unrealistic. Must be replaced by the idea of a manual machine, some owners may be afraid of being K or drop right, but I have to say, in the case of proper operation, generally not easy to be down.

find segments to dig

if you have the determination to do Taobao guest, but also understand some of the technology, then congratulations to you, the next thing is to find a breakdown of the industry. The focus of this article is to make you look for some segments of the industry to do, so that those who are left with a large number of technical resources to do the webmaster. We stare at no one to stare at the industry, so the probability of success will be relatively large. Segments of the industry is also relatively easy to find, go to the Taobao search, you can see a lot of unpopular industries. Of course, these cold