Pop-up ads, the effect is the last word

Although some health care advertising overwhelming people hate, but there are many enterprises rely on the lowest level of marketing means, in a very short period of time to create annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan of myth, although these companies rarely can keep this incredible sales coverage, and has some health care products was eventually exposed is actually a gimmick, but there are still constantly enterprises expect to create new myths by the huge advertising tactics. So some people also seem to have to accept this reality, and lamented that despite the annoying way of advertising, but the effect is the last word". In the field of Internet advertising, pop-up ads like some domestic health care advertising as boring, but research has shown that the effect is better than the pop-up ads and other forms of online advertising is much more, if we do not consider the user’s psychological feeling, it can be said that POP advertising network advertising forms the most effective.

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