Taobao owners earn five thousand monthly experience sharing

woman can hold half the sky this sentence I think absolutely right. A small woman was born 89 years from the network information college, Guangzhou after graduation to find a job to recognize Taobao customers, that have Amoy market after looking for relevant information and information on the Internet, found that most people are disgusted with the Taobao customer type website. Why? A word "money" buyers think why give money you earn, actually this is all over the world.

after several months of thinking and analysis, I decided to do a completely for the sake of the interests of buyers and sellers of Taobao to station, Taobao offers limited resources on my heart to do a special website. Let buyers return now, shopping on my site after registration discount, promotion of profitable three characteristics to do this; the seller provides registration in another text advertising platform with these points I thought hard finally website in the 2010 new year operation, operating for four months and I found the flow of less than 300IP/ so, do not stop the test and summary, after summarizing the experience of more than a month to go after publicity, traffic began to soar up and stable, so far I stand flow remained at around 2000-2500, the effect is very happy, so hurry and share a:

first, stick to soft Wen

does not require you to insist on every day to send soft Wen, but at least a Monday article. Don’t let your post sink, then you put your top up. The message should also do not let Kung Fu do. Don’t you surf the Internet to find the weak information related to learning how to text, my literary talent is so poor and there are also many articles add. I believe you will be better than me.

second, create multiple blogs

to the station traffic for the blog, create more than and 10, then writing can help others or website text, and then add their own web site. This method can kill two birds with one stone website, but also increase the number of external links for the web site.

third, the classic propaganda law – business card publicity

I made the statistics I made a total of 1000 business cards, the effect is really good. Than in the QQ issued a web site propaganda convincing.

fourth, improve website weight

this method is relatively slow, I may be able to question. But this method is very reliable, very practical. My site in the PR=0 traffic is only 60-100, but since the site PR=1 traffic naturally to about 200, what is the reason, to this time you will naturally understand.

fifth, Zhiyizhibi battle

social reality and network market competition, so we need to know the enemy do I have, I have excellent people to win.

sixth, Internet cafe promotion law

because I do cashier in the Internet bar for a period of time with the boss is more familiar, so that they let me in the Internet cafe publicity.

seventh, >