How to make traffic on the list of interconnection and mutual benefits

Ranking, it can be said that there is a flow of the station’s game, but if there is a flow of how to do, then you have to speculate, as long as a good grasp of the opportunity, the same flow to.

recommended two, one is the web site is his ranking mode, you give him more traffic, he will give you more, the main to the right place, I used the mice love rice, has been in the GJJ home page, every day I give you 100 IP or so, he gave me 1000 IP, for his 100 IP, you can stay at home in the FLASH layout, then the flow can be thought. So it is worth playing, but he asked for a good site, or he will not be included. Grasp this word, a day to earn thousands of IP is not a problem.

The other one is