How do Wangzhuan novice just started

personal webmaster, a very noble occupation, no one would say that he will be able to start a day to earn much money! Are slowly learning, slowly accumulated experience, coupled with their own hard work, one day grow up! This article is reproduced here, hope to have to help novice and master! Don’t scold me


one, while learning finishing their own tutorial.

for example, we download a master tutorial lectures, then we put these tutorials are arranged in order according to the simple to the complex, then an article carefully study, in the learning process, and then according to their actual situation, the inside should learn knowledge and complement as well as examples to write is to write a study notes, is through this tutorial to learn what, what has been mentioned, "a sample of what is, you have to do it yourself, to what extend themselves to the new, what advice.

is through to write this review, then this article is particularly suitable for newcomers to read, usually do not publish their own articles, but the accumulation, when accumulated to more than 500 articles, can be printed, and then as a training course for bidding promotion, announced some sections of authenticity let others know you care and tutorial, so this is equal to your own fame and profit has laid a solid foundation, the more you order, the more difficult is beyond you.


1, mastered a lot of knowledge.

2, can be famous.

3, famous at the same time to achieve profitability.


1, the cycle is too long, generally takes more than six months time.

2, most people are unbearable by long time no income light of learning behavior, so can insist on down, even without 1/1000.

for the crowd:

1, there is no financial pressure on friends, able to withstand a long time without income.

2, perseverance, perseverance, friends, decided to do a career.

two, looking for teachers, friends.

If you

itself in a team, or you have a lot of network master friends, then this way is suitable for you, is through the ground (reality) friendship operation, put these on the network master, the reality of the child operation to be your friend, usually on the phone to communicate about, ask they are what the project operation now, you can not look at the past, learn about their operation if he said project, what should be prepared to do some tools, what preparation work.

For example,

and Nanshan presbyopia, carbuncle and meet with the old pig, South.