Do GOOGLE advertising alliance 3 years experience summary

GOOGLE advertising alliance with its low threshold for the application, the high price of advertising, the highest degree of credibility by the majority of grassroots webmaster favor, is the main source of income of most grassroots webmaster. GOOGLE advertising alliance advertising code can be put in all your website, as long as you apply to a GOOGLE advertising account, you can put the advertisement code into any other with a Google advertising requirements of the website, unlike the Baidu advertising alliance as a web site for advertising code can only be placed in a web site not on other sites.

GOOGLE advertising alliance is the first step to apply for GOOGLE advertising alliance account. I am 08 years to do GOOGLE advertising alliance, but now it has been three years. Xiamen was also a company to do technical director, because more spare time to do at night, an industry forum, the domain name is a domain name used to buy the old people, the site after I upload a lot of relevant industry information up to the member free download. Google included a week, I would consider applying for a Google account to do. In accordance with the requirements of the GOOGLE fill in the application, within a week received a Google mail, notify me of the application has been passed, can be formally put the ad code on the site up.

The second step is to put the

advertising code, in order to get the highest click through rate, the right to set the placement of advertising code and specifications are particularly important. The GOOGLE advertising alliance specifies that a web page can have three ad units, two search units, a link unit and a recommendation unit. Practice has proved that the rectangular GOOGLE advertising advertising alliance 336×280 clicks an ad highest, like my forum home page is the top put a 728X90 banner advertisements, rectangular ad below two 336×280 on the side by side, each section put a link between advertising and adjusting unit color, font color is set to the advertising text color, make the advertisement and articles as one solution.

The third step is to collect

Google union advertising, when your account’s advertising revenue reached $10 from the United States, Google will send you a PIN code over, put the PIN code into account management background, you this account was formally effective. When reached US $100, Google will officially make the payment to you, such as me at the end of November to $100 at the end of December, you can see in the background of payment payment has been issued on details, and I can get the money. Click on the payment has been issued to the payment of the bill, which has your name and address, the address of Google, there is a very important 10 digit MTCN, write these things down, with a valid identity card to you, to the opening of the Western Union agricultural bank or postal bank you can withdraw.

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