Undrip social networking aggregation platform for filtering information


Undrip: the social networking platform for filtering information murmurs

usually, Internet users will open a number of social networking services, and use these services. After the use of more and more social networks, social information will appear on a number of different sites, and see these fragmented information is inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, in this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference, a website called Undrip came into being.

Undrip is a iOS application, in a unified interface to integrate information from multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path and Pinterest. However, the service does not show all the information, but will filter out the Facebook status update, Foursquare sign in and Farmville game dynamics and other irrelevant content.

The unique feature of

Undrip is that it can track the user’s social behavior, and filter out useless for users’ noise". Flipboard and other services are different, Undrip is not subject to the classification of information, but in accordance with the relevance of the user classification.

through the Undrip, the user can be on the Facebook and praise and Twitter forwarding and other functions, and the use of the basic website and the same. In addition, the application also provides a "pour" mode. In this mode, Undrip will not be customized, but all of the social network information is not fully rendered in the presence of the user.

so far, Undrip has raised $850 thousand, its application to provide free download in App Store. Undrip said that through the provision of services, the company will be able to understand user preferences and relationships. And because of the adoption of a number of social networking mode, the company will get rich and complete data. The company will be based on this to achieve commercialization.

Undrip URL: Undrip

iOS version Undrip download address: Undrip

this article compiled from TechCrunch.

(Li Wei)