UEP business growth plan a new era of entrepreneurial Aura

2015, the CPC Central Committee and State Council formulated a series to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy measures, from the level of industrial economy to entrepreneurs of great help. Triggered a large number of young people to join the wave of entrepreneurship, just over the past two years, China will be the birth of hundreds of thousands of Internet start-ups. At the same time, various incubators, investment institutions and business platform is with the stock enterprise and provide all kinds of blossom everywhere, business services for entrepreneurs.

large business service platform, professional cloud computing service provider UCloud’s UEP business growth plan was particularly brisk. In the face of the early stage of the various problems such as lack of user traffic resources, technical framework is not mature enough, lack of marketing programs, marketing channels, etc.. Multivariate UEP constructed by the polymerization of entrepreneurial ecology will jointly support, venture capital institutions and media channels such as community resources, launch a business service package, earnestly alleviate the burden for start-ups.


UCloud CEO Ji Xinhua believes that "use" than "have" more value, reasonable integration of various social resources, and entrepreneurs to share will create greater economic value. Founded in 2012, UCloud is the focus on IAAS (cloud computing infrastructure) service providers, was completed in April 2015, led by the monarch associated capital investment, DCM, Bertelsmann, light capital letters with the investment of nearly $100 million C round of financing. In addition to the growing business development, they have more long-term plan: I hope to provide resources and platform for entrepreneurs to build their own entrepreneurial ecosystem.


UCloud CEO

Xinhua season

for the UCloud itself, cloud based services is not only a technical service, but should be a rapid development of business ecosystem services to help enterprises, and business services is also UCloud one of the most important ecological environment. The country’s leading cloud computing service providers UCloud launched UEP business growth plan, but also because of the entrepreneurial services by many entrepreneurs and meticulous praise.

grew up in power enterprise innovation on the road, the UEP plan contains not only the cloud based service UCloud, including it real fund, innovation factory, Sina venture, more than and 200 investment institutions, incubators and entrepreneurs to provide services for service providers. In addition to a strong team of cooperation, UEP corporate growth plan covers all aspects of media, marketing, recruitment, technical tools, investment and financing services and other entrepreneurial needs, help entrepreneurs get a better start. Based on the trust of UCloud entrepreneurial services, there are more than more than 2 thousand entrepreneurial projects to join the UEP program, which has so far been more than $1 billion venture capital investment.