The readme what is the experience of being an entrepreneur’s girlfriend

Abstract: on entrepreneurship, Ma has a "hard" two words summed up the whole process, he said "today’s Ali, Ali, Ali yesterday in the future, we are going to go this way, everyone must work so hard, because our future is hard up."


Author: Huang Aizhen


business is not easy, Men’s feelings are changeable., entrepreneurs feel deeper. Seemingly today’s Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and other scenery infinite, little did they know that they have almost sold the painful experience of the enterprise in.

tragic we do not need to talk about today, GPLP Jun grilled a steak entrepreneur’s emotional world, when their boyfriend or girlfriend in the end what is the feeling.

in the United States, Facebook founder Zuckerberg Chinese wife Pulli Sheila Chen · the story of so many people exclaimed, why is this little girl in the harvest of the world’s richest Bachelor


in China, Ma Yun and Zhang Ying’s story, as one of the eighteen, Ma Yun’s wife, Zhang Ying not only work together with Ma Yun, is a beautiful scenery of the Alibaba.

also, it is said that Ma Huateng’s wife is his friends, one of the first batch of QQ users.

hey, okay.


is a large part of them are not entrepreneurs, however, many people still willing to take their stories as part of the business to talk about, for example, Pulli Sheila · Chen, whether she is married and have children, in any case appeared, she still will become the focus of news headlines and.

what’s the reason?

must have created the industry people know that entrepreneurs are not easy to do the girlfriend or boyfriend behind the same is not easy.

entrepreneur girlfriend’s true

when the entrepreneur’s girlfriend is a kind of feeling, on this point, GPLP Jun specially invited a girlfriend after 90 entrepreneurs to talk about their own stories, may be able to give some inspiration to their girlfriends.

below is the entrepreneur girlfriend readme:

a year ago when I first met him, I knew he had won a national championship and tens of thousands of dollars in an entrepreneurial competition. At that time, I thought he was just a school tyrants, in the extra-curricular to participate in a competition and got the ranking. I did not think that, entrepreneurship has become the key word this year.

to tell you the truth, at first I had almost nothing to do with entrepreneurship. I think a APP only need him and his little partner buried in the code can be easily realized, I think as long as there is a user using APP to make money is a natural thing. Later, I learned that a small partner is not called a small partner, but partner