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sing 2016, in fact not so bad

of the year for many companies, is a low season, Christmas and the new year and Spring Festival, the festival to dilute the power of working holiday, so many companies have to stop business. So there is a topic: what do startups do when there seems to be nothing to do, and what entrepreneurs do?


license is a list of the founder, in 2017 New Year’s day from a month’s time, he added a 6 video team for the company, but at the same time, he also laid off 7 people App team.


increase behind the reduction, permission to switch the business logic and the direction of next year at this time, he would like to know one thing: the flow of dividends over, independently of App acquisition, precipitation flow becomes more and more high, the content of production also need to try new methods. As a professional content producers, in the output of each content platform, in situ output, in situ and in situ conversion is a more economical way."

this decision is not intended to do for the new year, but this year the industry changes, so that the decision to make a decision at this point in time to make some trade-offs.

At the end of

, it is a time for every entrepreneur to slow down and think about the company’s strategy.

Zheng Min, the founder of

, helped make a similar decision at the beginning of this year, he fired his partner and his men in the middle.

2015, under the impetus of investors, Zheng Min entered a completely unfamiliar auto insurance industry. At that time, he did not want to understand what to do, just because of the "resume bright" and get a sum of money into the industry, "at that time wanted to dig around, as long as there are people who can do it." So Zheng Fujian will start the team expanded to more than and 50 people, at least four or five months time, the Internet is completely done, paying people to dig for options, wages doubled, but the whole team floating on the surface, too many things have no echo.

in the last year, he began to adjust the team to replace the high salaries, with a team of 20 people start again. The next month, the business volume has doubled, after a year of experience, and now his company every month can do nearly 20 million premium income scale. Zheng Min realized that the whole entrepreneurial process, the team is essential. He no longer blindly trust the high salary of the decision-making team, the team he wants to make up for the distance between strategy and execution.


36 krypton "new year this time, what are you doing?" the question to entrepreneurs, this is not the only one to get the answer, some entrepreneurs from business transformation in Huanguo God, there are some people who just finished a round of the team has completed adjustment, financing, and also to digest joy. They are in different stages of enterprise growth, by the end of the checking results are not the same. But from the conversation with them