Luo Min ten years of entrepreneurship for the nine time, why only fun to live down

March 2015, Luo Min was born in 1983 nearly ten years of entrepreneurship, fun stage full year of age.

a year, interest installments from 10 people quickly expanded to 2000 people, 8 months with three rounds of financing (at the end of last year has been announced to get $100 million C round of financing, valuation of nearly $500 million), has become one of the 2014-2015 annual jump up the fastest startup.

before founding interesting staging, Luo Min tried the entrepreneurial direction campus social networking, online education about ten, each one seems to stand in the so-called "air", why only interest installments survived


Luo min after "belated effort" on science and technology NetEase concluded, "the air" a lot, but not necessarily belong to you.

many entrepreneurial failure experiences that Luo Min founded in the interest installments when had to consider several problems: 1, the direction of selection: true or pseudo air outlet? 2, an outlet in the team, your genes really ready? 3, one problem: CEO has not really put people put the first 4?, for staging products, how to solve the Achilles heel – "risk control"

?Why was

wrong before?

"entrepreneurship" is becoming the era subject, a variety of "financing", "bidding partner" and other news everywhere, but Luo Min reminded entrepreneurs have a clear understanding of the entrepreneurial direction: if you do not have a mature team, do have genes, right in the right time point of entry conditions, standing outlet, pigs fly no — you can not grasp this opportunity. This opportunity does not belong to you.

2005 Facebook in foreign countries is just emerging, still in the campus of Luo Min started the first venture, try to do is SNS on campus, but soon failed. "Frankly, at that time a lot of people are trying to do social products, but in the end only Wang Xing school network to do up. Why do we fail because our team is much worse than Wang?."

Luo Min of the NetEase said that Wang’s team had a few times social product experience of trial and error of the team, the average age is 1979, Luo Min is 1983, four years behind, when they go to Luo min, Wang Xing they are facing the wrong early are guilty again. "There’s a chance to see, but you’re not ready, you can’t catch him." In the later group purchase market "thousand group war, the United States mission to blaze trail, Luo Min believes that Wang Xing is also in the experience and the team wins.

around 2008, Luo Min began his second venture to do a similar social electricity supplier projects. Angel investors to Bao Yueqiao voted 2 million, finally lost. At that time, three partner shares were divided into 1/3. Looking back, there are many problems, the most important thing is the human problem, the issue of shares is not set, the team must be a problem. If a few partners in the venture, but who did not say,