Pea pods, Wang Junyu start again, light mans to do young people’s reading platformDo not understand

Christmas Eve, Wang Junyu, founder of pea pods, announced the creation of a new brand of "light awn". "Light awn" has no contact with pea pods, and this is an independent start-up company." At the same time, Wang Junyu told the interface news reporter, is still in Ali as consultant.

in the view of Wang Junyu, "everyone has the interest, regardless of the size of interest", and open the headlines and a different content distribution platform and search for the same keyword, more shows the partial information and click on the title to exaggeration, Wang Junyu found the market really do around an application around the "interest" almost No.

originally selected more than 10 of the most popular interests of the group, making them the first editors to select magazines. The editors from all day and life related to the quality of the media, pick out 5 quality articles associated with those interested in sharing the recommendation, they will also have more than 100 interest in the journal editors can meow small robot, preferential subscription. These magazines are divided into photography, cooking, home furnishing, clothing, fitness and other fields according to their interests

, on the other hand, Wang Junyu believes that this entry from the interests of reading applications, but also more able to adapt to mobile Internet upgrade consumption and flexible interactive experience.

entrepreneurs and investors, as well as companies, are beginning to try to capture the "95 after" mentality, but it’s not easy to study 95.

pea pods founder Wang Junyu. Photograph: visual China

magazine, the magazine, succinctly defines the direction of the app. "Light awn" more wants to keep the advantages of traditional magazines light, immersive reading and careful typography."

this brings 95 after the characteristics of the 80 is completely different. They do not distinguish between online and offline life, two kinds of life, their love for expression to express their meaning, but more attention dispersion is stronger than the multi thread network operation, independent of life more, have a stronger desire for consumption and spiritual consumption demand, among them because of living in the age of plenty, tend to enjoy the moment, more and more accept ahead of consumption, they will be the future mainstream consumer groups to upgrade.


said the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the new generation for the old people, the world will always be around newer, faster and more creative new generation, and now the new generation of ethnic groups is 95. The 95 generation was born between 1996 and 2010. They are also called the Z generation. In both China and the United States, the number of Z generation is gradually becoming mainstream.


application download pea pods, the application distribution, in July this year, Ali wholly acquired mobile, although did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, but that the pea pods CEO Wang Junyu in an open letter said, this is the initiative to seek Ali was a result of the acquisition, "we believe this can lead to better application the distribution business in the future, it can scale to a higher level." And other application distribution platform into Ali after the application distribution, Wang Junyu whereabouts became the focus of media attention.

at present, almost all the Hard Suits Inc, Internet Co, consumer company are emphasizing the need to seize the needs of young people. We also find that companies that play well and catch new generations of consumer demand are doing well, such as Tencent, such as OPPO.

their course of life relative to 80, less suffering, more spiritual and material wealth, as well as parental favor. According to penguin wise’s "anatomy after 95" report, the average birth rate was 1.62% after 95, significantly lower than 80 and 90. The average population after both birth rates were 2.1% and 19%, that is to say, 95 higher than the previous generation with the proportion of the only child, they are so exclusive parental resources, including emotional and material input.

Wang Junyu said, light awn is a media technology company, the team has more than 20 people, the main members of the previous pea pod team leader Fan Huaiyu, responsible for the pea pod brand Cui Jin and so on. Wang Junyu believes that the "core mission of this with the pea pods or inheritance one", and as the light light mans awn magazine launched the first product, also in line with the so-called "help people find more and better world".

according to penguin wise cool "Anatomy" 95>

to do a real interest to distinguish and take into account the quality of application, Wang Junyu said, light awn is mainly used for fine machine algorithms and artificial mode to ensure the recognition and grasping the content.

is a basic common sense, after 95, after the 00 is truly mobile Internet aborigines, digital electronic products are indispensable to them and part than 80, 95 after the brain earlier suffered transformation and the baptism of the information era, the mobile phone and the Internet to social entertainment games, transfer, acquisition information showing a growing trend of younger age.

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Wang Junyu led some of the pea pod core team members to do a new media project.

Ma Huateng once admitted that the biggest worry about waking up every morning is that he doesn’t understand what the young man is thinking. He doesn’t know what the young people like now. This is the most terrible. Earlier, Lenovo Group founder Liu Chuanzhi once expressed anxiety is also young people’s world, do not understand, but ready to invest in them, and then study and learn.

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at present, in order to cater for the "lost culture" after 95 or "Qi culture" or "two diseases", its essence is that businessmen and enterprises seek to get along with each other in 95 ways and ways of communication.