Content constructionHow to make garbage stations also make money

, but remember, the purpose of your website is to make money, so you create it by yourself, which means you’re working for the money. When you count the money,

says one of the reasons why Adsense is better than any other online advertising system is that its ads are relevant to the content on your web page. Users click on these ads,

there is no profit project site, this is my personal view. If you don’t have traffic, it’s a death site. Traffic sites, most of the traffic comes from search engines, and if you can’t keep them, or you can cash it, you can’t make any money. Suggest that you consider the site traffic conversion rate.


so more people are looking for easier, simpler ways to get content in fact, many people don’t like to start writing themselves. Fortunately,

does not update the site sooner or later to close. Maybe your content to attract a lot of visitors, they will even put your favorites, but the next time I visit content did not change when the next still so they will come to visit? The other search engine is a special visitor, if you don’t update, he did not visit you, no traffic, do not shut down what? The webmaster every day 2 hours under the management of their own web sites.

fortunately, creating pages and pages for your website and placing ads on every page to create opportunities for making money has become increasingly a

Don’t forget the time and energy you spend for the

on the collection site, I think many webmaster feel right, sh419 depilates why? If the network contents are all the same, it is also worth seeing? So now we are engaged in the original, pseudo original. Suggest this kind of stationmaster activities, wrist, hyperactivity of brain, write it yourself, if there are members, you can encourage or reward members, contributions, etc.. You will say that your writing is poor, then you will look at other people’s writing, and then write according to their own understanding, and often write naturally, there will be inspiration.


if the content of your site is unattractive, you’ll rack your brains about how to attract users and links, so you can’t make users a repeat customer.    

easy things.    

8.2 : making money with blogs,

‘s most obvious way of making content is, of course, " writing " itself;. Find a subject that you like and write it with your heart. For example, if you’re a computer game, just

may use garbage station to name websites some mistakes, what is rubbish? Dictionary explained as follows: dirt or throw away the rubbish. Something that loses value or has undesirable effects: junk mail, and the removal of social garbage. But we’re talking about the garbage sites and what? I think so: one is the website of the unhealthy; two is to rely on the collection site; three is not update the site; four there is no traffic conversion website, five is not profitable project website. I will analyze. Any similarity is purely coincidental.

The important condition of

home, you can build a web site, put on relevant experience, news and Raiders, of course, you wrote it yourself. Then Adsense will phase


if you provide high quality content, you will have a great chance to make your website appear at the forefront of search results.    

‘s ads are for you, and as long as you put them in the right place, they will bring you money, and maybe they will pay for your game. As long as you want,


has " the content of the correct " is an important condition for getting a good income through Adsense, and it also makes shlf1314’s search system have a good print of your website

recently there are many webmaster plus me >

has no traffic conversion website, a simple example: your web traffic is more than 50 thousand every day, do advertising alliance can get 100 yuan, and my website science education network www.xuegle wave a daily flow of about 3000, but received several business phone, a phone call at least $100, what does this mean? There are gifts website, every day dozens of IP, but there are also a few phone, maybe a phone is enough you earn a month. I suggest you webmaster not to flow and flow, the alliance is unreliable, why not consider your website marketing,

you can do any of the topics on the site  :  

because they’re interested in them. And users will come back and click on them again, because your content is attractive.    

image. You know, shlf1314 is first and foremost a search engine, and its mission is to provide the best search results according to the user’s search instructions.

unhealthy websites do not need to say, are unable to see the light, the national policy to suppress, you only have to stop, do not work well, but also to bring two watches, live in the iron wall house. It is recommended that such webmaster do not drill the loopholes in the law, what server abroad, change the domain name every day, the country is not easy to you,

has many effortless ways to get content, and some of them are free.    

8.1 self generated content