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Yahoo Corp today announced the promotion of Lei Jie · Davies Reggie Davis as vice president of corporate market quality. Mr. ·: Davies’s job will be to reduce the number of click fraud in YAHOO’s search network and improve the relationship between the company and advertisers.

90, the development of information industry IT greatly changed people’s life, and also had a profound impact on traditional advertising media. With the rapid development of the information industry, Internet Advertising Internet has become the most popular form of advertising in developed countries in Europe and america. At present, China’s advertising companies and businessmen have begun to set foot in the new space of online advertising. This makes both advertising companies and marketing companies face the pressure and opportunity to change the marketing communication methods and select media.    

online advertising market is growing at an alarming rate, the effectiveness of online advertising is becoming increasingly important. Even the advertising industry believes that the Internet will overtake street signs and become the fourth major media after the traditional three major media television, radio, newspapers and magazines. As a result, many well-known enterprises have quickly put the focus of advertising on the Internet, through online marketing, in order to gain higher market share.

current online advertising mainly in the following forms:

web advertising is built in GIF, JPG, Flash format

Beijing time on March 23rd, according to the latest foreign media reports, Yahoo Corp chief executive Terry · Semel recently said the company’s first quarter results will exceed forecasts, part of the reason is that YAHOO launched a new search advertising system of "Panama", the company has decided to solve the "click fraud click fraud".

1, web advertising including Banner, Button, banner, huge vertical edges, etc.

network advertising refers to the use of professional advertising banners, text links, multimedia methods, published in the Internet or advertising, through the network to the Internet users of a high-tech advertising operation. In popular terms, online advertising means that advertisers use a number of audience intensive or featured sites to display business information and set up links to a destination web page.

and traditional newspapers and magazines, TV, radio and outdoor advertising and advertising compared to the popular recently, Internet advertising is richly endowed by nature advantages, is an important part of the implementation of the marketing strategy of modern media. Internet is a new advertising media, the fastest, the effect is ideal, for a wide range of international business companies even more so.    

reported that shlf1314’s fraudulent click rate was "below 10%"". YAHOO has appointed an executive who specializes in dealing with "click fraud" to reduce click fraud.

At the end of Three media

YAHOO recently revealed its "invalid click rate" in its search service, similar to shlf1314’s "invalid click"". Davies said that Yahoo Corp’s "invalid click rate" is about 12-15%. What is a click fraud, some experts pointed out that when the website publishers click on its website advertising to increase their income, or click on the Enterprise Competitor advertising advertising budget on each other, constitute the click fraud.

can say that online advertising, whether in foreign countries or domestic, is a thriving industry, and the development of Internet advertising relying on the Internet is irresistible trend. The Internet, which has been hailed as the fourth media after newspapers, radio and television, has brought the information transmission to a whole new level with its rapid and efficient advantages. At the same time, it also creates unprecedented opportunities for enterprises. Major enterprises need to promote their products to consumers, so that consumers can identify and buy. Advertising is playing a more important role in building brand awareness and influencing consumer decision making. The maturity and development of the Internet has provided a powerful and influential carrier for advertising. It transcends the boundaries of the region, borders, time and space, so that the dissemination of brand goods globalization.