Luo Yi, founder of the company challenge yourself constantly is a kind of enjoymentThe Papi sauce do

Papi sauce new news twenty million donated alma mater promised to finally cash

in a corner of the coffee shop, the reporter saw the enterprises to do the project Luo Yi, business colleagues said, she is a typical entrepreneur, has personality, the most popular, but very low-key, there is a kind of innate affinity, just a few months after the start of business, the company would get the private capital of Changan angel investment.

Enterprise Office co-founder Luo Yi in the "geeks challenge 72 hours" arena

talked about the entrepreneurial mind, Luo Yi said, "before I do the management consulting and investment banking work, are standing on the advisor’s perspective for the enterprise to give advice and suggestions, with many large customers have thought, slowly, I also want to try on the central stage, experience a business joy, really hard for a time, not the same as their own."

she likes smiling, decent manners, gentle lack of perseverance and hard work in the workplace is rational, the competent, but also as entrepreneurs excellent organizational skills and logical thinking, this is the impression Corporation co-founder Luo Yi left. When it comes to entrepreneurship, people often think of hardships and hardships, but the entrepreneur has used diligence and reason to walk out of a calm and entrepreneurial road.

on April 21st afternoon, Papi sauce, along with partner Yang Ming, announced that the net proceeds from the first ad auction would be $20 million 666 thousand, after tax deduction, donated to the Central Academy of Drama.

Luo Yi’s road to entrepreneurship began at 20>

left the fat’s "first net red", Papi sauce is non-stop to the cash flow road. In succession to cooperate with L’OREAL, leisure, health, the Swiss watch brand Jaeger Le Coulter, New Balance, Papi sauce has completely escape from the "red net mode", open the "star mode". Another of her identity or entrepreneur, business integration into its founder as Tai Yang Chuan Wo Free Network Technology Co. Ltd. the day before, this also means that Papi sauce company’s business scope from the short video site papitube platform is extended to include investment in film and television drama, entertainment marketing etc.. "Papi sauce is more like a producer in the company’s role," says, a university friend of Papi sauce, who is a free COO, Huo Nifang told the morning news reporter.

in other people’s view, Luo Yi even if not their own business, the future is very bright, resignation, entrepreneurship may face unprecedented risks and challenges. Luo Yi said that entrepreneurship is a dream, that sense of achievement is not to any one occupation, "I don’t want the status quo, want to go to a new road, a thing from the large do, continue to challenge myself, I enjoy the process."

22 million yuan comes from Papi sauce, the first short video advertising auction income. The auction was important in the career of Papi sauce. At the beginning of this advertisement auction, she is a funny video blogger. After that, she became a well-known "phenomenal" red net, and promote the change from hurault >

actually, the donation came from the promise of April 21, 2016. At the time, Papi sauce’s first new media advertising bid was held in Beijing, and when the 22 million yuan auction was successful, Papi sauce partner Yang Ming announced that he would donate the proceeds to his alma mater and Papi sauce, Central Academy of Drama. However, since donations have not been implemented, Papi sauce has been questioned. On the scene of the donation ceremony, Yang Ming said that donations have been advancing, and all this has been delayed because of the time to cooperate with his alma mater."

recently, the 2016 national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week at Beijing and Zhongguancun innovation and entrepreneurship season is like a raging fire to carry out various business big coffee cloud concentrated Guan Cun, participate in business forum, to share the story of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship programs exchange ideas. The reporter came to one of those activities – "geeks challenge 72 hours."". Is very different from other games, these entrepreneurs are sitting around the coffee table next to a small, sometimes low, sometimes on the keyboard, is very quiet, relaxed atmosphere, but this one is full of fantastic ideas and high gold content of the project.

"initial scholarship" and "forget the theater" name from "forget the first heart" four words, Papi sauce seems to remind in this way, experienced red explosion and into a huge dispute of their own, "do not forget the beginning of the heart."".

star Papi sauce climbed to net red to reach Pyramid’s top

"is the purpose of donations not outsiders imagine complex", to return to his alma mater Papi sauce to restore the "Jiang Yilei mode", she said, from 2005 to Beijing for 12 years, he spent 7 years in the play, "the alma mater is like our home," she said, the donated funds will be mainly for teaching and research facilities construction of new campus, Central Academy of Drama campus and named as "do not forget the East black box theater theater, set up a" heart scholarship "to fund outstanding students, in addition to some students project for a period of ten years of contributions.


interview, the reporter learned that her experience is very rich. After receiving an undergraduate and a master’s degree from Tsinghua University, he has been a consultant in Boston consulting company for three years, and is a strategic and operational consulting program for large multinational and private enterprises. After that, he went to the Walton School of business in America to study MBA and got a double degree in finance and accounting. MBA after graduation, to UBS Investment Bank Hongkong office to the board position, completed a total of 18 projects, the total transaction amount of $14 billion 300 million, including $1 billion 400 million in Beijing, Hongkong IPO car $3 billion Sinopec overseas asset acquisitions etc..