2017 new board ten conjecture market liquidity is expected to improve, listing rhythm slowedRen Zhen

Ren Zhengfei said, "the two foundations of our victory are that the direction should be roughly correct; and the two is that the organization should be full of vitality.". "We must have the right direction, we can not find the right direction, we can only continue to explore, the direction is about right."."

first talk about what is called material civilization and what is called spiritual civilization. In the past 30 years, we have been merging the material and spiritual civilizations together to promote the development of the company. We have promoted the spiritual civilization by material civilization, and consolidated the material civilization with spiritual civilization. But in the past 30 years, we have stressed more material, and we hope to speed up the improvement of everyone’s lives. Now, the vast majority of employees except new employees have improved a lot, so we put a little more emphasis on the spirit in the new period.

lianxun securities according to the 2016 three new board market performance, and the understanding of the market and the judgment, ten outlook and conjecture gives 2017 three new board market.

what is the spiritual civilization? Have a sense of mission and responsibility, who has contributed a little faster promotion, let them in the best time and the best role, make the best contribution, few people can also fast promotion. To promote is to set an example. The power of an example is endless. Human life is too short, why not let the good people’s youth shine a little earlier, more time to illuminate the journey of life. In modern society, the average work life of 30 years, or even less than 30 years, the social elimination rate is too fast. When I was young, the state called for exercise, saying that I would work for the country for 50 years. At that time, in the traditional economic environment, not to study hard, relying on more work is ok. Now we don’t study and how to obtain employment. So, we should make people make greater contribution in the best time, and promote them a little faster. This is spiritual civilization. Let big and small locomotives come to drive the team. Do not think that our spiritual civilization is empty talk and determination, that is not the case. To lead the procession by example, we believe that the strength of the example is endless. We must set up some examples, everyone wants to do, everybody wants to Huang meritorious service, this is our advantage ah, everyone does not speak with, then what advantage? Everybody had to abide by the rules, then we go to the kindergarten, the kindergarten children are the most disciplined moment, but what do not know there is no contribution, we are to contribute as the center to set an example.

1. What is spiritual civilization? What is material civilization?

The implementation of

in addition to changes in the management of ideas, the new three board market positioning gradually clear, but also to promote the system bonus launched an important factor in accelerating the pace. Before the three quarter of this year, the new three board market positioning unclear issues highlighted, directly affecting the regulatory reform rhythm, the new third board market reform expectations, objectives and direction there is a lot of uncertainty. After the three quarter, with the regulators to conduct a series of market research and discussion, the new three board market positioning direction has gradually clear. In the three new board market function orientation, the SFC and the stock transfer company gives clear >

September 1st, the State Council executive meeting proposed to improve the new three board trading mechanism, 20, the State Council issued a document again, referring to improve the new three board trading mechanism, the goal is directed at liquidity problems. And in the three quarter of the State Council also mentioned the "strengthening the new board financing function" and "Specification for three new board development", the national level has resorted to a policy of "combined" in three aspects: three new board financing, regulatory and trade requirements, which shows the degree of attention to the national top three new board.

layered scheme, the subsequent introduction of new rhythm was slowing, for a period of time, strengthen the supervision of regulators issued policy has become the dominant ideas, bonus system to find its trace, however this late in the three quarter changes gradually.

Since the

from the frequency of new listed companies, the past three years, the new three board market listing rhythm varies greatly. Late last year, the middle and late April of this year and the first three months of August were the peak period of the listing, especially in early August, the frequency of listing suddenly accelerated. In August, second weeks, third weeks, the first week, the number of new listing, and even ranked in the new board three weeks, the number of new listing of the top three.

days ago, HUAWEI released the president’s office — chief and electronic program on behalf of the Ministry of Chinese area and executive summary of a forum. Content talks about material civilization, spiritual civilization, access, sharing, distribution mechanisms will not change, etc..

Ren Zhengfei said, HUAWEI business for 30 years, is the material civilization and spiritual civilization together, and jointly promote the development of the company, to promote the material civilization and spiritual civilization, to consolidate the material civilization spiritual civilization.

below is the full text of the minutes:

performance downturn, market positioning is not clear at the moment the new three board market in the second half, the top countries are able to timely assistance was the meaning behind it. From the national level to describe the new three long-term development of firm support attitude to the new board listed companies, regulators and investors are a shot in the arm, so we also have reason to launch of three new future dividend policy is full of confidence and expectations.

we can’t explain what spiritual civilization is. What’s the formula?. Look at the examples around you and learn from them. "Oh, my God!"

1, accelerate the promotion of policy dividends, 2017 is expected to fully landing

in the three quarter, regulators also frequent moves, and the State Council echoed. Securities Regulatory Commission departments in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other parts of the brokerage related departments, investment institutions, listed companies conducted intensive research, listen to market views and suggestions. In September 20th, relevant departments of the national share transfer system "stratified differentiation system" and "trading system" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three held a forum to listed companies, investors and research institutions to solicit opinions.