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real-time data for everyone to have an understanding of professional advertising companies, usually in the background data can real-time feedback, while some individuals do advertising, often because of using the Free Alliance Program, so the real-time data on returns are relatively poor, resulting in many problems of background operation also, let the data become opaque, such as many obviously high traffic sites, finally returned to the result is only a few clicks, which naturally makes people very disappointed, so be sure to choose a data real-time advertising alliance


this is my brother a mysterious one month Taobao passenger revenue in 2008 with the establishment of the screenshots, old comrades, I belong to the type of marking time, the eldest brother has been to the cloud, the mystery of two words, because he never disclosed, because the ability to replicate the webmaster world is very strong, but according to the eldest brother said is simple and simple with replication, income is mainly the weight loss products and profits.

is the same for high ranking rules, is nothing more than the weight and content, this is never change, sh419 K you that you do not, earning 5K Jiang Junjun also said that in order to buy the chain weight, and marketing, this is to do long term, could not say what sh419 did not give you ranking, usually too lazy to write articles, K shouting meaningless.

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Taobao guest, I did not do, did not do the reason, with many people think the same, sh419 blocked Taobao passengers, competition is difficult to do, and I think so. But I always think that e-commerce is the fastest way to make money, capable of selling its own products, and unable to sell products to others, relying solely on advertising, income is too limited.

increase of the weight of their products before this thing for example, webmaster rankings are replaced by sh419 know, first sh419 know more than you know, this is no doubt that sh419 know the solution, you do Guan Jian words to sell products. From the perspective of user experience and the user wants to find what is in line with sh419 rules.

four: by the way of clearing and efficiency of

Taobao guest is feasible, although Ali mother was guilty before, but Taobao guest to Adsense income is very objective, compared to the rules of the union better, sell to get commission, right and proper.


two: through the comparison of the

Take the recent sh419

stationmaster should accept Taobao guest


same traffic, IP conversion, sometimes Taobao customers earn much more than the league, and as long as you are right, Taobao’s profit growth is much larger than the league. Do Taobao customers also can have their own website every kind of, and can also use other channels, so the station is concerned do not have all day to death every day looking at the website ranking, we vulnerable to Rome ah, there are several road.

: the integrity and reputation of

is summer now, and many people will buy air conditioners on the Internet, because it’s new, so many people buy it

integrity and reputation basically is complementary, good reputation, integrity of nature, and good reputation from the site whether the deduction amount is serious, and even some advertising alliance also hits the normal channels to obtain as cheating, resulting in individual stationmaster great anti sense, so people in the choice of advertising the alliance, be sure to check this advertising reputation, for example to see advertising evaluation online, deduction amount is not the existence of serious problems, of course, can also go to A5 webmaster kind website to post advice, are often able to get enthusiastic people to help

ranking rules change, and some webmaster panic, and some stand Changle, why happy? Above, speak


advertising alliance settlement generally has three kinds, one is on the node, a node is a week, there is a monthly, for our personal webmaster, and very frequently, wasting a lot of time, weeks and often better, not only can reduce the deceived when losses, also can help you save in the time of settlement costs at the same time, of course, for the monthly advertising in addition to some very formal Guangzhou >

personal webmaster want to make money at the difficulty is more and more big, even find a good advertising alliance is very difficult, many owners in the choice of advertising alliance, often only the value of price, quality and don’t care about the advertising alliance, often let their encounter advertising fraud, not easy to do the payment however, these advertisers immediately pack up and leave, let these grassroots tears ah! So in order to avoid such things happen, when the choice of advertising is to keep their eyes open, let the author introduces six standards to you, let these six standards to help you choose a good advertisement


do a lot of Taobao passenger station friends all day scold sh419, dropped their ranking income fell, or simply to adhere to for a long time without ranking, this one is really depressing things, have a great relationship with the owners of the way of thinking, and the comprehensive reason in terms of investment and execution the result of the.

three: by real-time

advertising alliance must not only see the high price, the price depends on the mystery behind Oh, because many high price often means high risk trap is often added to it, another is taken, to promote a high degree of difficulty, the natural price is usually high, high difficulty and high price is proportional to, if the traffic is not very strong, so that the high price of advertising on your website is a decoration, do not have what effect, it is better to find some low-cost easy to promote the advertising alliance