Discussion on maintenance process of movie website

first, you must familiarize yourself with the background of the movie station program, and recommend using Marx’s program. The program interface of the old horse is very stupid, and you should be familiar with it for half an hour. Please make sure to back up your database files before proceeding.

second, update data, movie station data you can through the CCTV program I need to form the main sources, adding primetime movies, Hunan satellite TV and several popular TV focus on adding, you should also pay attention to sources of Baidu GOOGLE Sogou ranking the popular movie, timely update the data, to focus on popular blockbuster series do there is updated daily 2 times, 2 times a day because Baidu big grab first time is 6 pm, there is a morning of the five, you need to before 6 pm update times according to the night before five a.m., and update a website that 2 times a day to update, update a source data about 20 movies a day a total of 40 movie updates you can refer to several other large tom365 thunder update data for reference .

third, the original movie is very important, you have to update the film article, work hard, pseudo original.

pseudo original tutorial

many people are in their SEO experience in the article mentioned "pseudo original" this concept, in general, is nothing more than small skills such as change the title, but how to make the search engine that is the original article, there is some way. Well, today, the big bird takes his little station and xx521 as an example to explain how to create "pseudo originality"".

one. Modify title is key

(1) digital substitution method

An article, such as Sina

‘s title is: "education for senior high school entrance examination composition: five tips to make your article" light up ", when modify the title, you can change:" preparing for the senior high school entrance examination composition: three strategies to make your article "light up" instead, it is in the article the most humble or two most don’t like you see can be deleted.

(2) word substitution method

can also modify this: "preparing for the senior high school entrance examination composition: tips to make your article" light up "so do not delete the contents of the article under the situation that can make the search engine that is at least the original title.

(3) text sorting method

can also disrupt the order of your title looks more like: "writing for senior high school entrance examination: can let you in" light up "five movements", this order substitution method, can make the title set more in line with the browsing habits of thinking.

two. The title should be faithful to the original

actually, that’s a lot of nonsense for people, but it’s also very important for many friends to really make it