Talk about the personal feelings of various search engines

speaking of sources of traffic to the site, I think many of the station will be a big part of not hesitate to speak from the search engine, I do two years, today in my observation to see all kinds of search engines have different characteristics and.

speaking of search engine first search engine overlord "Google" is among the best in the world big engine, the engine characteristics is Google own PR value ranking technology, Google’s advantage is that the site included speed is very fast, the chain will be quickly collected, even garbage station Google will be normal not included, basic K station, but if it is rubbish station Google will after the row to dozens of pages, also basically no one will turn to so much, but after all, Google was included in attitude. Google gave me the impression that it is generous, that large companies do not care about some manner is of great ingenuity about trifles.

finished, "Google, for example, has a big brother search engine in China," Baidu". In the position of Baidu Chinese that can only be used to describe the cattle, because its use rate is the largest in China, its characteristic is can give the webmaster to bring more traffic than other search engines, but Baidu in order to purify the Internet is no junk station, K is refused to fall you directly in Baidu can’t find at this point, there are advantages and disadvantages, the search site is Baidu and better quality, the disadvantage is that sometimes kill the wrong or wronged wronged webmaster, although the probability is very small, but a little negative effect. Baidu as China’s largest search engine, individuals do understand the level of Chinese is a little higher, and its search experience is still very good! The drawback is that the new station speed is not ideal!


YAHOO, said YAHOO, YAHOO in Chinese or in the search engine is relatively early, the speed also included can be comparable to Google, is also pretty fast, YAHOO is not very understanding but more love this engine.

The rest of the

also didn’t study, Youdao, Sogou, search development are development stage, did not reach a degree so I didn’t study, to my new website recently for example website second days included Google, YAHOO included fifth days, 15 days before Baidu included, but Baidu did not update, may still continue to examine whether the site for a good 20 days, Sogou included, but so far there are individual engines not included, from the collection and the speed can also be seen in a different attitude and the various search engines.

said these are just my personal observation of the lack of not everybody, do your station do the station is my principle, I refused to adhere to the garbage station, the original, content for the vitality of the site, search engine is important, but remember that a web site is for people who do not browse. As a search engine, so visitors for the sake of this, I do not have SEO, website content search engine will not let go believe, thank you for reading, and I can exchange QQ410085397, I also welcome to my site to find.