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has a love called station (www.aizhan.com) site in the webmaster QQ group and micro-blog is very hot, the famous individual stationmaster Guo Jijun said in the micro-blog found a check the weight of Baidu tool is very good, as long as the input of any website can view the website Baidu weight, very good."


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station network chief A Ping introduced the development of love love stand the main purpose of the convenience of the station website in weight of Baidu, including the site collected, Baidu snapshot date Baidu to the site of the flow valuation, the key is what website keywords ranking get better at Baidu at a glance, not only on the crystal clear ranking webmaster your own website, to understand and analyze competitor’s website is also very helpful, no wonder it is called Master Wang Cai Wensheng also reproduced micro-blog news about love station network, showing the impact force and the utility function be not of the common sort.

according to statistics report Chinese Internet twenty-seventh development, as of the end of December 2010 Chinese the number of Internet users has reached 457 million, and the Chinese has 99% Internet users use Baidu search service, so grab Baidu search users, the site doesn’t worry about the traffic, according to some statistics show that more than 95% of the site traffic source of personal webmaster from the search engine, personal webmaster traffic sources more than 80% in the Baidu search, although many individual owners of Baidu search policies are both love and hate, but in a sense, Baidu is one of the many personal webmaster Yisifumu, left the Baidu search site loses traffic sources.

Baidu search changes and updates each time affects tens of thousands of webmaster nerve, described a few happy tears. In order to grab traffic from Baidu, many personal Adsense is described as The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, resorted to, all kinds of website optimization training exhaust all the skills, have emerged a large number of webmaster is innumerable, spend hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars to learn what website optimization, only one objective: to grab traffic from Baidu.

As everyone knows

website optimization is divided into external and internal optimization and optimization, optimization of external chain is an important factor, so some website Links websites are also generated, there are many webmaster login queries every day. Determine the content of the website optimization is an important indicator of quality is the site of the key words in Baidu’s ranking, the birth of love can help Adsense station query site keywords in Baidu ranking, is a very good tool for website, according to love stand nets webmaster, the website has just launched a few days, thousands of websites to use AdSense and consistent, well received.

A Ping revealed to the author, love can not only help the Webmaster Station query site keywords in Baidu ranking, and some of the owners and businesses to buy advertising also has certain reference value to the other site flow valuation, many enterprises or companies with only the PR value of the web site or website ranking advertising >