Talk about my site experience, send the future of the network

years, seasons, imperceptibly, and passed through 365 day and night, 365 days, for me, is a long life, a journey because it records the The imprint is engraved on my heart., I develop the footprint, hard sweat and hard work and struggle, but also a record of me under the rough toughness, facing difficulties persist, meet the joy of success and embrace the brilliant proud! In the years to 2010 Xiao blowing up the moment, my experience of the site are summarized as follows:

in 2005, the unit on the broadband, I really became a member of the netizens, see other people’s personal homepage (when I called, now called the site), can not say how envy, like what time can do a "good start! Frontpage pulls out, after familiar with the basic structure and method, and study the DW and FLASH software, using the free space and the two level domain name, make a rough comparison website, then came in contact with the self-help Station, built a few small, after several toss, even learned FRONTPAGE, DW and the current popular CMS program, also know the keywords, SEO and Alliance, is not a small harvest, in recent years, has used his own interest as a starting point, never thought about how to make more money? At the end of 2005, contact with foreign contact The Au, a clearer understanding of people in this industry, calm down, learn a lot of knowledge, CB gains in the dollar rose month by month, PP has also been steadily increasing, some of my web traffic also increased steadily, 2006 to the present, has established their own goals and direction, not blindly, no longer confused, always go toward their goals in.

2009, groundless talk a year, everything is as trassient as a fleeting cloud face tomorrow, I will still, full of vitality, in the time of the tower is a new year that moment, I picked up a cavity of faith, send to the network of the future.

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