Entrepreneurship, fooled the number of young people have a dream

entrepreneurship, is unwilling to ordinary, is a challenge to life, but also to allow the family to live a better life. However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, many people are starting to fail in the end. Not only do not make money, but also the parents have lost their hard-earned money.


so, what is entrepreneurship?

Baidu Encyclopedia: entrepreneurship is the owner of their own resources or through efforts to have the resources to optimize the integration, thereby creating greater economic or social value of the process. Entrepreneurship is a kind of labor, it is a kind of behavior that needs to be operated, organized, used by the entrepreneur. According to Jefferies · Timmons (Jeffry A.Timmons) the field of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship to create a "classic textbook" (New Venture Creation): the definition of entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and reasoning with luck behavior, driven by it for luck and opportunity, need to consider the overall harmony with the leadership in the method.

business as a business, is committed to understand and create new things (new products, new markets, new production processes or raw materials, the organization of existing technology new method) the opportunity to appear and found or created by a particular individual, these people how to use various methods to use and develop them, and then produce a variety of results.

entrepreneurship is the discovery of a business opportunity and the actual action into a specific social form, access to benefits, realize the value of.

Shao Lianhu insights: I think that the meaning of entrepreneurship is their own boss, no longer work for others, and then do something to earn money. As long as you do not work for others, you work for yourself, we can say that you are in business.

venture, not to do business!

What is the

business, is not to open a shop, put a stall, selling a fruit called business? I don’t know where you are what kind of business, is the factory, do business, or what. I only know that, in a small town in the US, venture for us is to do business.

ten years ago, I didn’t know what to do after I graduated from Lianyungang. At that time, I feel like doing business is my only hope to start their own purchase stall. At that time, I was only a product sold to earn much money, but did not want to be able to sell out.

later, my own shop, purchase a taste, I think at that time, as long as the money to invest in, compound interest, money investment. After three years, the money is invested in the goods. Later, the business can not keep up, the shop is closed. I found that there is no difference in the number of goods with garbage.

since then, I’m afraid to do business again