Talking about the present situation of Chinese grass roots webmaster

Internet at night, a net friend and I talked about China’s network career. I have always thought that the next ten or twenty years will be the golden age of the Internet industry, the traditional industries will join the ranks. However, the current industry seems to be too optimistic, why does this happen? I think it has a lot to do with the situation in China, because there are too many grassroots stations in China, which leads to very cheap technology. What China lacks most is technical talent, but the lack of innovative technical talents is the most lacking. Why do you say, because China is in such a situation, when a market, you see my money, so no matter in proper or improper way, always want to join the industry inside, then the market will get a confused cause, who did not earn money. On the webmaster industry, perhaps other people will think that the work of the webmaster is very easy, every day to sit in the office, but not really, because the webmaster’s workload is very big, work long. Maybe it’s an American way of life. When you rest, they work, and your nights are their days. They pay attention to the things and to do a lot of things, not the website content updates, search engines snapshot update, update the PR value or not, to find the PR value high site do Links website, there is not perfect need to modify. The development of it is a long time to work, may take a year or so to original things, in a few days time was CMS to follow. This is a copyright and patent is not perfect age, can only be a mute eating coptis.

I would like to persuade Chinese grassroots webmaster, if you really have the strength to do original works, it is better to go abroad to answer the list of Witkey, technology in foreign countries, not cheap to 5 yuan, 10 yuan of small tasks. Operating website in the country began to gradually difficult, and last December, the domestic introduction of a set of policies to suppress, leading to domestic websites have moved out of overseas. Is at this time to open the era of newly arrived and began to implement the policy of seclusion? Even if Western nor East. Later, even the emergence of Web site real name system, the Information Management Bureau for the record, but also add a real name system, ha ha, I really do not know what to push the network industry to what kind of abyss inside.

source:, pan’s, castle