The love story of a poor stationmaster

I grew up in a poor village grew up, I will speak in the words I remember at that time the family meals a day to eat, since I was a kid, I want to grow up to earn a lot of money for their own families do not live in the Loess back his 16 year old brother, I followed and went to work in Guangdong, in a plastic bag factory for 4 years, he is at the age of 20, the village of the same age who has become a father, or a person can go home life, parents are advised me to quickly find the object, I also can Yes, the situation at home so I have to dare to love just want to play some of that year a new house let parents no longer live the only one living room and one room tiles. I have been trying, but the reality of life is not so good, there are always setbacks against me. At the end of 2006, I took 15000 yuan to go home for the Spring Festival. Bad things always happen to me. The eldest brother’s son let the car knock down on the road, needless to say my money was used to rescue, but fortunately, the eldest brother’s son’s hand healed, but I used to house the money to honor his parents, and I do not know He Shicai had.

Maybe God is fair, in the end I went back to the factory, love sprout, a girl from Shandong fell in love with me, as the saying goes, men and women compartment mountain, women chasing men intermediary paper. I have a crush on her, we want to love, I spent 4 months time, the life is really……… One day she will come to my home to see my family situation, I know she is not my poor and I had a hair, later in life, the one night I said to her I my ideal my experience, that night I never relaxed the heart has long words once said, I thought she knew my situation she would have rejected me, God you told me really fair to let her with me and she I did not reject me, her why, she said that poverty is a temporary I believe you will succeed one day, weizhizheshijingcheng. I was deeply moved. For her sake, I worked harder and worked in the factory during the day. Come back from work on the Internet, our joint venture to buy web site life is bitter, but she accompanied me, bitter sweet.

August 2007 is so big the most happy time, we live together, but wonderfull life is always so short, we want to come from August the first quarrel, to a rice cooker. Before we use pressure cooker is a bit slow, we came back from work to buy a dish of a cook, she too is a bit too slow to cook by electricity, electric cooker to say I do not agree, because we are spending a month to compute a good day, who also had a quarrel don’t let anyone, but she still from the card to take 200 yuan to buy a back, I was very angry but still. At that time we fight for more than a week, not talking to each other, after marriage we know where we are too much, she never buy her regardless of price, and to buy a cheap thing to say that the price of others and do not sell it off, but I was.