The website makes money, just do three things

The operations and profitability of the

website are complex and simple to say.

said, "consider website construction, inventory, inventory, fraud prevention, customer service, after-sales service, freight, delivery, personnel management, and, of course, the promotion of the website itself.".

there is a saying that there are two directions for reading. The more you read the book, the more you will read it. The more you read it, the thinner it will be. Many times, after understanding all aspects of the high degree of generalization, you can more clearly understand the essence of things.

I think, on the whole, if you want to make a profit on your website, just do three things. First, there are good products. Two, there is flow. Three, the website that can sell things.

good product,

, that’s the foundation of everything. Although the site does not generally sell things to meet with customers, but the site is not a liar, but also to good products and services as the basis.

has a bad deal on the Internet, and it doesn’t have a good ending, and it can be more dangerous than in real life. With the development of Web 2 website and social network, the negative news on the Internet has a wide range and a fast speed. A small incident may ruin a website.

whether you sell products or sell services, start with your hobbies and talents.

product source can be varied, it may be their own design and production, can also be wholesale from other places. For example, there are plenty of vendors on the Alibaba web site.

China has a lot of other parties, a world production base for some kind of products. The stationmaster can see what products he has in his native place, and even become a product of the world production center. First come, first served., can not only get the best price, you can find the most reliable suppliers.

products may be reached with the supplier agreement, such as you are responsible for network sales, suppliers to give you the most favorable price.

products can also be obtained by participating in the website alliance.

of course, there must be a prerequisite for this approach, that is, to ensure product quality.

site traffic

this part is self-evident to stationmaster, also be the person that makes SEO and network sale the most familiar part. With traffic, there are potential users, there is the opportunity to sell.

has more ways to get web traffic. Eighteen Wu Yi, master one or two kinds, often is the best method. Commonly used network marketing techniques, we can refer to network marketing ten skills.

‘s book also focuses on the flow of Web site promotion techniques.

can sell things on the website

, that is, to improve the conversion rate of websites. This is the weakest part of many websites.

potential users come to your website and just give you a chance. Your >