Talk about some disadvantages of the universal host

The early years of the

HTML pure space also makes many friends site intoxicated, now estimated to have few friends station earlier this year to a page and a page to the HTML page space manual. Now the website is the entire station program, a lot easier. But the days of hand coding HTML code is also a wonderful memory. Now the host can support program types can basically be divided into: PHP, ASP, all-round type of three. Most IDC will provide an all around host directly.


, PHP basically is the construction of Linux/FreeBSD + Apache + MySQL + PHP technology, virtual host of this type have been developed abroad for a long time, the technology is relatively mature, the general control panel function is very rich, management is relatively complete. Note that the PHP program most MySQL database support, but MySQL is basically the standard configuration of the PHP space, this is the general performance is higher than that of PHP space ASP space, but the price is higher than the corresponding one of the reasons of ASP space, currently more common.

ASP host space is generally Windows, Server + IIS + Access database, high-end space can support MSSQL, but the price is too expensive. Because ASP is a function library and function less, so they need to use some controls to support some common functions and procedures, but the general host FSO controls and other services, can also provide some easy controls such as service. Due to the use of the Access database, read and write in parallel number of relatively large, the performance of ASP is better than PHP space space less, but this space is relatively cheap, the price for cash strapped novice, quite attractive. In fact, the mere provision of ASP space is not too much, generally in the above to add PHP and JSP support, constitute the following to say the so-called "universal type" host.

so-called universal host, usually in the ASP host, and then install PHP, or JSP support, the price is particularly cheap,. In fact, we carefully observe some of the virtual host service providers host detailed parameters, you can find that the general low-end hosts are all host, and high-end hosts are ASP host and PHP host separately. This tells us, in fact, that there is no special situation, we must not use universal host. The reason is that the IIS is to provide ASP services, and provide PHP services, and some also offer JSP service, will make the server at the same time the three terribly fatigued! Service is generally uses the IIS module in the background load, the design defects of any one can let the server does not work properly, and will also reduce the security of the system, because any kind of system vulnerabilities, will affect the whole system; finally, a lot of so-called universal host claims to support PHP, but.