Talking about local gateways from a year of nternet

from the end of 06 began to contact, do station, then do a local portal station, do more than a year, now a few hundred IP, not to say URL, said heartache.

for 08 years, for China, it is a good year, in China, there have been many big events, snow disaster, the Olympic Games and so on. The Internet industry also has its own story, and I myself have started the journey of the Internet again.

portal really hard to do, if it is a person (not a team) to do, I advise you not to do. Now, I’m doing a money management website: I hope it’s a good start.

Although the

operation and the construction in the local portal site on the encounter in Waterloo, but I still want to share with you:

before doing the local gateway, I considered the problem, a little negligence, that is, the development of the network and replicability.

all right, no more talking. Let me talk about my reflection.

1, to determine your local number of Internet users and network awareness, if the number of Internet users is very small, or less recognition of the network, I suggest you don’t do it. But if you want to have it, you can do it.

What does

2 do? What does the portal do? Who do you want to browse?

my advice is entertainment + business information. The so-called entertainment refers to making friends, blogs, movies, music and so on. The second is the most important thing is to provide local business information, such as discounts, promotions, etc. I launched the VIP discount card, membership for free, then I want to charge to then take into account our local situation for free. As for the charges, you should know. There’s nothing new about this. But like domestic news, international news, I don’t feel attracted to them.

classification information can also agglomerate a large number of people to pay attention to.

in short, the entertainment sector includes friends, blogs, movies, music and other popular, business information, classified information to provide them with consumer services.

there are more columns, I feel tired, but they will not understand what you want to do. What does he want to see?

in the rapid development of the network today, you do not have Internet users to see too high iq.

3, promotion stage, don’t save money, but also to spend the right place. The cheapest way for investors to invest is the most wasteful. In the television media propaganda, newspaper propaganda is enough, if enough funds, the roadside billboards also do. Why didn’t I mention going to the Internet cafe? I visited 10 Internet cafes and saw all the gamers. Did they have time to visit your website?


says is not comprehensive, just my idea. Local strategy. In fact, the failure of my portal site is inseparable from the local network development