Talking about ten aspects of improving user experience

can say that the user experience has become in today’s society, not to mention standard, if carefully, you can in each place, any one industry to hear the word, from Online to Offline, from the concrete to the virtual, and no matter how to say, all of the user experience are based on a point, that is to the customer as the center.

in this way, the user experience has become a link between the line and the line, for the original seemingly unrelated two systems took the line, so as to provide a shortcut for the future development of the internet. At present, online enterprises and traditional enterprises have the common sense, or experience online and offline sales model, or online experience offline sales model, which is the most basic research aspects of the user experience.

this is a more professional field, relates to a summary of various disciplines, is a from the surface to the inside of the complex, a good user experience, involving aspects of a product, from the abstract to the concrete, from the structure to the senses, even subtle to consider a certain color or content to users psychological feelings.

as the Internet for work in the US, most access to various sites, various pages, the author here, for example through the website, try to use the most simple way to explain how to improve the user experience of the website.

steady space with enough speed, achievement, website, first impressions,

SEO all know that even if you SEO technology to cattle, the site every two or three days open, or 2 minutes to open a web page, that your site has 2 results, one is the search engine K off, two visitors lose patience and turn off the page. This requires us to do in the station before to consider to choose better host, first of all to ensure the stability, not failure followed by It is without rhyme or reason.; to ensure that the speed of space, this is not too much to explain; finally, also want to consider the safety of space, in order to prevent virus Trojan intrusion.

visual affinity allows viewers to enjoy watching

is a website of course he is First impressions are strongest viewers feel, color collocation, web plate layout, pictures, etc. the main dynamic effect can bring people sensory stimulation, these factors together, will give people a preliminary impression, then visitors to consider whether it will continue to stay.

facts have proved that those who seem to have more affinity sites, more attractive, if you have not read the content, you feel that the site is more easy-going, then you will be half of the success. Therefore, the website should pay attention to its surface affinity.

clear navigation allows visitors to work twice as hard as

for a web site without navigation, the browser login, as a blind man, can not easily find the desired section, navigation is another face of the site. The navigation of a general website consists of 3 parts, one is the navigation menu button on the home page, and the other two is on the page