A good attitude should overcome the habit of laziness

used to go in and out, forums, websites, never written about the experience and experience of the site, and.

every time I see some good articles written by myself, it is a desire to write. Don’t write. But he did not have the experience, not climate, sometimes really want to give up. But what is the support I have been walking? Is the station network, China, is behind, there are some large webmaster alliance, and exchange exchange group and individual stationmaster, make my heart surging. My heart surging strong go down.


has been interested in this aspect of the website, and, to tell you the truth, read the article almost every day, the program, but only a perfunctory look, no intentions, until the real need to temporarily hold Buddha angle.

graduated from junior high school to now, and then spent 2 years in school, their own road network began to go up, the first game, QQ, and then to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, then I don’t understand. Just contact it, seeing those days into the number of days in the number, the heart is a little shaken. After all he is after the computer, of course, know those things do not exist, but it is found there, it was also done, eventually cheated. But is ten pieces,. So he is depressed over a period of time.

goes down to contact A5. CHINAZ behind, this kind of webmaster network. When he cannot read. Purely confused confused, but also occasionally look at each visit, when my heart always wanted to complete the game, listening to music, so in the end what also do not understand, did not learn until. Later, in their projections, that is a IT industry. The design community, of course, for a graduate, 17 years old. I didn’t experience the dream really exaggerated. But there is no exaggeration to dream, how hard struggle. When you have a direction, with the goal, then anyway, you will face your yearning place to go after, to fly, of course, this section of the road is far away, but it is also going to fight. Even if the failure is to climb up, a person is not said, failed to come sooner!

went on to say """; "lazy ""; maybe it’s been a long time since he wrote the article. A bit more crap, you will forgive me. 2008. After a period of time. As one of their own www.63ps.com program, of course, design, and other people are designed, just know a little knowledge, is a new station, said this, there may be a lot of people I think the station is no match for Chinese Design Alliance, the ideal blue and some other large design station, but I can say is, this is the purpose of a station to be able to learn, and to make more good friends in learning, exchange of experience, experience and experience of.

a station requires planning, a webmaster has the planning, production, procedures, code and many other aspects of the ability, but I do not have these, only