Details determine success or failure, and so do websites

nowadays, this is a time when websites are overflowing. How can you make your website outstanding, became the main problem of stationmaster now. To solve this problem, you need to know what your customers are aiming for (that is, what you want). Of course, the information, so we have the right to make the website, it is necessary to provide valuable information. Of course, providing unique, valuable information is better.

summed up the experience of the Internet old door, the heart has the following points for reference:

1., user preference,

, no matter when, before you begin to prepare the design page. In the design, or has been designed, there is a supreme code of conduct must bear in mind, that is: user priority. Since there is no user to visit, any admission of a good page is meaningless.

2. considers most people’s connection status,

You may use the

office ISDN, high-speed line may also use the school, but you must know, now most people still use 14.4K or 28.8KModem through the telephone line connection is slow, and the traffic was very serious.

3. considers the user’s browser

second, must consider the user’s browser software, if you want to let all people can be no obstacles to watch your page, it is better to use all browsers can read format, do not use only part of the browser can support HTML format or procedural skills. If you want to show your skills and don’t want to give up some potential viewers, you can consider setting up several different

in the home page

mode options for visitors to choose from.

4. content first

"content is always the first" is suitable for pages on the web, and almost everyone who offers advice agrees with it. Not the content of the book has enough is hate, but at least you can quickly determine, and page? You may have to spend time and money for a whole night, will find no original site where you’re looking for something that is not really the pain can be described in two words or three. We can consider simple production in the production, but the content must be useful, concrete can refer to large volume, I think the idea of this website is very clear, simple and elegant,

at a glance!

remember one thing: the content must have something to do with the message that this site wants to provide.

5. starts planning, defining features and locking targets,

whatever you do, you must plan and build your website. When planning, you must determine the nature of your site, provide content, target audience, and then set the scope according to your own hardware and software. The site features timely, fresh, rich, and more