Layout local life service O2O billions of market feast crisis and opportunity

recently, a "O2O" by the Internet heavyweights berserk: the next level market of hundreds of millions? "The news circulated on the Internet, many industry insiders expressed concern.

article mainly said the following points: first, in 2015, China’s O2O market size will reach 418 billion 850 million yuan. Future insiders expect: life class O2O will be the next billionaire market, is currently the only market to generate super electricity supplier areas. Two, Tintin Network model is very good, received a number of Ali investment. In March 18th this year, Tintin discount officially launched the terminal equipment, Tintin preferential verification machine, announced the first to complete the O2O closed loop. Three, the giants are in the layout of O2O.

O2O, this is not a new concept, which is when the company recently was financing or financing, the total was taken out of that thing, seems to be a thing, to O2O with the above, or with insiders feel shy to say hello. Is this so-called "O2O billion market" a feast or a trap?

this seems to be a false proposition, as each of US income growth, although inflation is serious, but still have a certain purchasing power. The 3000 counties, the market is certainly the existence of hundreds of millions. But whether it will be a Tintin Network or a similar site alone, but the answer is negative. Because of this huge market, the so-called "O2O" model, which is vigorously advocated in the text, is perilous.

crisis ridden: hundreds of millions of markets look beautiful,

crisis 1. model single

Tintin invented a thing called discount verification machine. All types of group buying, concessions seem to have been included in the O2O range, it seems that there is a discount, there will be users. Constantly reduce the profit margins of businesses, and strive for more concessions, become similar websites vicious competition principle.

water can carry a boat can capsize, the user is the carrier of water, and in the O2O loop, businesses is also an important part of the water. The constantly compressed profit margins, false discounts, low quality, constant withdrawal, and constantly emerging business chains are crumbling, and a single model of customer loyalty and stickiness can not form a virtuous circle. It is urgent to build a stable ecological chain.

crisis 2., paid by effect, has nothing to do with the O2O closed loop

Ding Dingwang, founder and CEO Xu Longjiang, said: the key to solving the problem lies in innovative charging methods, from advertising mode to effect billing. In order to really achieve the effect charge, you must complete the closed-loop verification.

and Tintin’s so-called "privilege verifier" just verified his theory.

The so-called

pay, is not a new concept, is what we call CPA, if only to the user’s time to special business consumption as a result of the only standard O2O closed loop test, lost O2O>