Do station first person explain blog circle three big bad habits

success often have altruistic spirit, and blindly to obtain often is to make their own way more narrow, and eventually failed, life is so, do stand is also so. No blog blog has been operating for more than a year, has seen many webmaster, bloggers do not discount the means and ultimately failed, to share with you today independent blog circle three webmaster habits, hope you learn a lesson.

one, QQ group spam

many independent bloggers have their own QQ group, share their business with a business, such as if the competitor is allowed to join the QQ group, but there should be learning mentality, see what people share in the group, but can not remember the group sent to people for their own advertising, this is. The enemy.

two, blog spam review

for bloggers, their articles certainly hope someone comments, in fact three blog program comments can also achieve the drainage and advertising effect, but some people just want to die, even the unseen, even with the software to batch another blog, comment at the web site. In this way, not only did you offend bloggers, other bloggers from the blogosphere would also see what you did, and the result was your notoriety in the blogosphere.

three, the article copied

many independent focus on originality, but not search engines like, but the original content can show a blogger’s personality, personality charm. But the article is plagiarism is the eternal topic of the blogosphere, which is most concerned about the webmaster, because you are in the Q mass advertising, blog comment spam can be deleted, but you want to copy my articles, I have no better way. But is plagiarism really good? I like to compare. Let’s look at the different results of copying and reprinting.


was found Plagiarism: a blogger, a tolerable, but may do so often, bloggers will be the focus of attention, skilled blogger in, your site may lead to complications. A few days ago, I was in a QQ group, the webmaster said plagiarism, that is, do a few websites specializing in collecting plagiarism blog. This is a lose lose situation.

: 2, reprint reprint, is leaving the original address of the article, general webmaster most willing to see the results, the article reprint of others have more or less some links, others will know how to be grateful, because our propaganda, and One good turn deserves another. to help him, when we have a good article, when he reproduced the past due to the face, will we have links, it is a win-win situation.

if you want to be respected by others, you have to respect others first. As a wise man, what kind of result do you want to choose?

however, some Adsense reproduced in time, leaving only a reprint to XX blog, without leaving a link, or leave the link, but with nofollw, this is not recommended, not much better than copying, we must have altruistic attitude, do good in the end, Buddha sent.